Antifa got away with shocking crime against a veteran that should leave every Trump supporter concerned

The radical Left uses violent groups like Antifa to advance their political goals.

They’ll use any means necessary to achieve them.

Now, Antifa got away with a shocking crime against a veteran that should leave every Trump supporter concerned.

The Left always accuses Conservatives of engaging in “political violence.”

This is a case of pure political projection.

Violent groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned down cities and caused billions in damage while the Left looked the other way.

They describe the destruction in the wake of George Floyd as “mostly peaceful protests” while cities burned.

One of the most shocking acts of political violence occurred in Denver, Colorado in a story ignored by the corporate-controlled media.

In the fall of 2020, conservatives held a peaceful rally in downtown Denver.

Conservative rallies in Denver had been plagued with Antifa and their far-Left violence in the past from counter protestors.

With a stronger police presence, this one was running smoothly until tragedy struck.

9News, a left-leaning Denver NBC affiliate, sent a reporter to cover the event who was accompanied by a security guard, Matthew Dolloff.

Because of Antifa violence at events in the past, the station gave the reporter a security guard.

One of the conservatives at the rally was a Trump-supporting veteran named Lee Keltner.

Dolloff and the reporter trailed Keltner along with a counter protester in a Black Lives Matter shirt, trying to provoke him.

As Keltner disengaged with the counter protester it appeared Dolloff stepped toward Keltner and engaged him in an attempt to wrestle away the bear mace in Keltner’s hand that he brought with him for protection.

Escalating the situation, Dolloff grabbed at Keltner who then slapped Dolloff.

Dolloff then pulled a gun and shot Keltner dead.

Dolloff was arrested on first degree murder charges for the shooting.

And then Dolloff’s disturbing background started coming to light as social media users pointed to Dolloff’s Antifa tattoo and began uncovering Dolloff posts indicating he was a left-wing Trump hater.

Dolloff was also working as an unlicensed security guard and the security company he was allegedly hired by denied he was an employee.

Denver law requires that security guards have a license.

This shocking event leaves unanswered questions about why Dolloff was armed security for a left-leaning news station and how he got the job. 

Now, Dolloff won’t face charges for killing Lee Keltner in cold blood.

The far-left Denver prosecutor, Beth McCann, announced she was dropping charges against Dolloff for lack of evidence.

This is shocking miscarriage of justice after a veteran was brutally gunned down by a left-wing radical.

In Denver and other far-left cities, the lives of Trump supporters don’t matter.

Just like with Kyle Rittenhouse, the radical Left thinks violence is justified against anyone who gets in their way.

Antifa and other radicals have sanctuary from Soros-backed, left-wing prosecutors to occupy Democrat-controlled cities and run amok.

And it appears, they’ve become above the law in many places as leftist prosecutors and the corporate-controlled media look the other way over their violence and destruction.

With the Democrats’ war on law and order, groups like Antifa will only be emboldened to commit more horrific acts to silence conservatives.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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