Antifa foe Andy Ngo is getting the hammer dropped on him with this shocking move

Andy Ngo is a top journalist at documenting Antifa’s destruction.

They’re furious at him for pulling back the curtain on their violence.

And Antifa foe Andy Ngo is getting the hammer dropped on him with this shocking move. 

The left-wing shock troops in Antifa have wrought destruction on cities across the country.

The corporate-controlled media has tried to deny their existence.

Joe Biden said that Antifa is an idea not an organization.

The Left refuses to acknowledge them to give them cover in their mayhem.

Andy Ngo of the Conservative news site The Post Millennial has been at the forefront of covering the Antifa movement.  

He’s been on the ground covering them first hand in places like Portland opening a window into their violence and destruction.

Ngo has become their number one enemy and they’ve even gone so far as to violently attack him to silence his journalism.

Now Antfia is rolling out a lawsuit to try and muzzle Ngo’s journalism.

Two left-wing independent journalists, Melissa Lewis and Grace Morgan, in Portland have filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit against Ngo after he shared videos they recorded of Antifa violence in the city.

They claim that Ngo downloaded and re-uploaded the videos to his Twitter account without their permission.

The suit also alleges that Ngo’s followers leave harassing comments for them on Twitter after he shares their content.

They also claim that this has resulted in physical violence against them.

Lewis and Morgan have been accused of being Antifa members.

Ian Miles Cheong blasted the duo on Twitter saying, “‘Photojournalists’ is a rich way to describe Antifa rioters who filmed their own crimes.”

Ngo’s attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, blasted the lawsuit as “frivolous.”

In a statement she said, “The plaintiffs shared their videos publicly on Twitter, a platform designed for exactly their purpose, and Mr. Ngo commented on this publicly posted content using Twitter platform tools, not somehow surreptitiously downloading and uploading the clips as the plaintiffs falsely claim.”

The threatening comments and physical violence are a classic case of projection after Ngo has been attacked and threatened for his Antifa reporting.

This is the latest attempt to muzzle Ngo’s journalism.

Twitter recently changed its policy on images and videos being uploaded to the platform without the consent of the individuals depicted.

Antifa Twitter accounts jumped on this rule change to report Ngo’s old tweets for violation of the policy.

No matter what happens with the lawsuit it’s clear that Antifa isn’t letting Andy Ngo out of their crosshairs any time soon. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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