Antifa appears to have green-lit attacks on these Latino parents

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Leftists developed a go-to habit of smearing their political opponents with awful labels for a reason.

Increasingly their tactics are escalating things to a physical level.

Now Antifa appears to have green-lit these Latino parents.

President Joe Biden likes to talk about uniting the United States.

He’s gone as far as giving televised, prime-time addresses on the topic.

But often he’s quickly back to warning of the supposed grave danger to America posed by Americans who voted against him in the last election.

The often vitriolic rhetoric has left many Americans with no doubts as to the Biden Department of Justice’s motivations in going after Donald Trump – who just so happens to be the leading contender to challenge Biden in 2024.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of evidence indicating that Attorney General Merrick Garland has used the DOJ to target concerned parents who speak out at school board meetings and pro-Life demonstrators.

Yet while the Biden administration is concerned with using the levers of power to punish its political opposition, groups like Antifa are facing little consequence – even after completely taking over large sections of cities like Seattle.

Instead of devoting more resources to go after violent Left-wing groups, Democrat politicians and DOJ officials like FBI Director Christopher Wray say Antifa is just an “idea” or mere “philosophy.”

Latino parents vs. Antifa

This week, a large group of Hispanic parents gathered to protest the radical ideology they say is being taught to young children in Los Angeles schools.

“A march of parents and protesters, many of whom are from immigrant backgrounds, is happening in Los Angeles,” The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo tweeted. “They’re protesting against what they say is LGBTQ+ ideology targeted at children. Leftist counter-protesters called a direct action against them.”

The protests were peaceful — at least by the parents.

That is until purported Antifa, “trans rights” and other Left-wing activists showed up attempting to shout down and silence the parents.

“A mob of militant leftists fight with Latino protesters who gathered to oppose LAUSD over what they say is LGBTQ+ indoctrination targeting children. A man wearing a @LexitMovement hat is chased away.”

Left-wing activists were soon clashing with the police trying to keep things peaceful.

The Antifa counter-protest was deemed unlawful, and police had to force the group back.

This is not unlike the scene earlier this summer when Muslim parents and woke activists clashed outside of a California school board meeting over the same issue.

With this treatment of concerned parents over not being sufficiently woke — it’s no wonder Democrats are losing more and more of its former voting blocs.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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