Anthony Facui couldn’t even believe how totally this Biden regime colleague degraded himself

Joe Biden and the Democrats are desperately trying to shut down any criticism of his failed regime.

Even some Democrats are worried at how far the bone-chilling arms race to flatten dissent has gone. 

And not even Facui could believe how totally this Biden regime colleague degraded himself to protect Joe Biden.

With Joe Biden’s Presidency circling the drain, regime officials are implementing bone-chilling plans to save him because the Left’s power is based on shutting any criticism of their disastrous policies.

Over the past several years, they’ve become obsessed with the idea of censoring disinformation.

Disinformation is their newest buzzword for any speech they don’t like.

Joe Biden’s new head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Robert Califf recently announced what he thought the leading cause of death in America is.

“I believe that misinformation is now our leading cause of death,” Califf said.

Examples of misinformation he cited were hesitancy to take the COVID vaccine, the use of ivermectin and the rise of vaping.

Califf added that “the issue that keeps him up at night… is the proliferation of false and misleading health information, particularly online — and the distrust in institutions, data, and expertise that it has wrought.”

The lies and flip flops from the so-called public health experts like Fauci destroyed whatever trust most Americans had in Califf’s institution and expertise. 

“Historically, the FDA has been relatively quiet and puts out definitive information through guidance or labels or regulatory actions … that would be transmitted to consumers and patients through trusted intermediaries,” he continued.

“But the world has changed at this point,” he added.

Califf, who was confirmed with the votes of RINOs like Mitt Romney in February, said his top priority as FDA commissioner would be combating misinformation.

His claim that misinformation is the leading cause of death comes as the Biden regime has upped its efforts at cracking down on it.

The Department of Homeland Security established the Disinformation Governance Board with the goal of fighting misinformation online.

If misinformation is the leading cause of death as Califf claims, it would point to this newly established Ministry of Truth taking action to “save” American lives.

He stated the old way of doing things isn’t working for the FDA which is the perfect segue for Biden’s Ministry of Truth to assist. 

Califf is following the same playbook as Anthony Fauci that completely discredited the so-called public health experts with this absurd opinion.

While he’s railing on about misinformation, there’s an actual public health crisis from fentanyl and other synthetic opioids.

Fentanyl overdoses became the leading cause of death for Americans 18 to 45.

But yet, he glosses over something that’s actually killed tens of thousands.

Instead of focusing on overdoses, he’s off on a liberal crusade against misinformation. 

Califf previously served as the head of the FDA under Barack Obama where he botched the government’s response to the opioid crisis.

He received bi-partisan criticism for mishandling of the situation under Obama which caused several Democrats to vote against him this time.

With his obsession with misinformation while ignoring actual problems, Califf may be the worst Biden nominee yet.

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