An NBA champion infuriated the cancel culture mob with this boss move

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For fans who didn’t have a dog in the fight, it was easy to root for the Texas team in the NBA finals over the team from Massachusetts. 

However, it turns out Boston may have been the good guys all along. 

And this NBA champion infuriated the cancel culture mob with this boss move

Mark Cuban for the L

The Boston Celtics finished a dominating run through the NBA Finals, winning the championship over the Dallas Mavericks in just five games. 

Conservatives may have had the urge to back the Mavericks from the Lone Star State. 

Afterall, the alternative is a team that represents one of the bluest cities in the United States. 

However, owner Mark Cuban has recently made it difficult to cheer for the Mavs. 

He’s been on an almost obsessive social media mission lately, picking fights with conservatives and claiming that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – and hiring based on things like race, gender and sexual orientation – lead to the best teams. 

Cuban’s debate opponents were quick to point out the Mavericks aren’t very diverse. 

The Mavericks basketball team is made up of all men — and almost all of them are black, with the remaining two roster spots going to European nationals.

Not a single Asian woman on the squad, imagine that. 

Joe Mazzulla for the W

But while Cuban has been advocating for the Church of DEI, the head coach of the Celtics was advocating for Jesus Christ. 

Following their 106-88 game five victory over the Mavs to bring the O’Brien Trophy back to Boston  for the 18th time, the Celtics took to the court to celebrate. 

However, before the trophy presentation, coach Joe Mazzulla, who is Catholic, changed his wardrobe. 

Mazzulla threw on a tee-shirt reading, “But First Let Me Thank God.”

This is no recent “come to Jesus” moment for Mazzulla. 

Throughout the season and the playoffs, the 35-year-old head coach praised his Lord and Savior. 

Christian coach put everyone in their place with response to reporter

At the start of the NBA Finals series, a reporter from Yahoo sports tried to play the race card. 

Instead of focusing on the matchup, the woke sports reporter wanted to talk about the fact that the head coaches of both teams were black – Mazzulla for the Celtics and former point guard-great Jason Kidd for the Mavericks. 

But Mazzulla had other ideas and turned the tables on the reporter, and everyone else for that matter, asking, “I wonder how many of those have been Christian coaches?”

It wasn’t even the first time two black head coaches faced off in the finals. 

And considering more than half the teams in the NBA have black head coaches, the chances of it happening yet again were fairly high. 

Nevertheless, the sports reporters were salivating to turn the NBA finals into a statement about race. 

Mazzulla wasn’t having it. 

The press room went into a rare state of silence after Mazzulla’s mic-drop comment. 

Both Mazzulla and Kidd are open about their Christian beliefs. 

And Mazzulla evidently wanted to make clear that he is a Christian before anything else. 

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