An FCC Commissioner is sounding the alarm on the danger of the corporate-controlled press

The Democrat Media Complex is attempting to stifle all dissent.

Big Tech is playing along by helping them censor anti-establishment voices.

But an FCC commissioner is sounding the alarm on the danger of the corporate-controlled press.

FCC commissioner Nathan Simington, one of the two Republican appointees on the commission, has serious concerns about the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act.

The JCPA was a bill proposed by Rhode Island Democrat Rep. David Cicilline.

The bill purports to crack down on Big Tech, but Siminton warns that the JCPA actually allows companies to essentially form cartels and create standards that drown out independent voices.

Simington and Adam Candeub – a tenured law professor at Michigan State who was spearheading Donald Trump’s efforts to rein in social media censorship – have both raised serious concerns about the fine print in the JCPA.

Breitbart reports:

The bill risks creating an “elite cartel” of a few big media companies who negotiate favorable terms with Silicon Valley tech giants while excluding smaller competitors.

The bill includes a loophole permitting media companies to exclude competitors that are not “similarly situated” to them from the benefits of deals with the tech giants.

Commissioner Simington warned that vaguely defined terminology in the bill risks the creation of uniform editorial standards across the news industry that small news operations are unable to meet.

Far from protecting local and independent journalism, the bill could accelerate the consolidation of media into a few big companies that collude with tech giants to suppress smaller competitors.

Democrats and Big Tech are attempting to pull off a slick game.

Massive corporations like the major Silicon Valley firms like Big Government regulation because it allows them to carve out favorable legislation for themselves and make the barrier to entry much more difficult for startups.

The cartelizing of social media platforms would be a boon for Democrats.

It would allow the establishment to drown out dissident voices.

That’s why Republicans need to proceed with caution if they wish to curb Big Tech at the federal level.

A good start would be taking away any special protections that Big Tech platforms have.

If they’re going to operate as publishers and curate the news, then they should be open to litigation for their editorial content.

Independent journalist James O’Keefe is currently fighting that battle against legacy media in his case against The New York Times.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.  

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