Americans’ jaws dropped after what this teacher was caught on video saying about the flag

Americans have awakened to the fact that universities have gone completely “woke.”

K-12 education is getting just as polluted.

And Americans’ jaws dropped after what this teacher was caught on video saying about the flag.

Students in California schools have been forced to wear masks all day long.

But one substitute teacher told an 8th grade student in Sacramento, California to take off his mask because it displayed the Thin Blue Line flag, a pro-police symbol.

The student, a 13-year-old boy named Lucas, whose father and stepmother work in law enforcement, was berated by a teacher over the flag.

The substitute said the Thin Blue Line represented the “new Confederacy flag,” which goes to show how unhinged leftists have become.

This is the result of the Left’s rabid anti-police rhetoric.

After years of Democrat lies after every shooting, many now believe that police officers are slaughtering unarmed black people by the tens of thousands every year.

A survey from Skeptic Magazine showed that liberals were off by orders of magnitude when it came to the number of police shootings.

Many liberals put the number in the tens of thousands, but according to The Washington Post, a total of five unarmed black men were killed by the police in 2021.

Amanda McCallum, Lucas’s mother, expressed her frustration on Facebook, writing “my son’s substitute teacher was yelling at my son in class today about my son’s mask. He says the ‘thin blue line flag’ isn’t a real American flag…He then told my son that police officers just go around shooting people…I’ve had enough of the division and politics and opinions and bullsh*t going on in the classrooms. This is not a safe environment for our children. What is happening?”

McCallum also added, “This mama bear is fed up,” which has become a rallying cry for parents across the country that did not realize how radical schools had become.

In addition to open anti-police rhetoric, students are being taught fringe theories about race, sex, and gender.

The heightened vigilance exhibited by parents has been a thorn in the side of the Left.

For decades, they operated in schools with impunity.

But now, they have activated parents, and the non-woke parents are retaliating by showing up at school boards and fighting back.

Shocking incidents like this are examples of why homeschooling is quickly on the rise, and not simply because of the pandemic. 

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