Americans are worried sick after what this politician threatened about Biden’s gas stove ban

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Many Americans believe Democrats are in an arms race with foreign powers to implement the wokest, most authoritarian policies imaginable. 

That race is heating up.

And Americans are worried sick after what this politician threatened about Biden’s gas stove ban.

Many political experts agree that the Left has gotten increasingly extreme in recent years. 

Canada: Democrats’ leading challenger in the woke arms race . . . or a testing ground?

In addition, many of the Left’s policy schemes have originated north of the border in Canada, which has proven itself as a laboratory for left-wing ideas. 

Most recently, Member of Parliament (MP) Charlie Angus of the far-left New Democratic Party introduced the so-called Fossil Fuel Advertising Act or C-372 in the Canadian Parliament. 

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), C-372 “would ban what the party describes as misleading fossil fuel advertising, similar to the way cigarette ads were restricted in the 1990s.” 

Don’t dare share unapproved messages

The CBC added, “The new bill would outlaw marketing that downplays the climate-altering emissions and health hazards associated with the industry, or promotes fossil fuels in ways that are false, misleading, or deceptive.”

Angus claimed that Canada needs this bill because many fossil fuel companies have allegedly labeled their products as clean, claiming that “That’s like Benson and Hedges [a British brand of cigarettes] telling you that they can help end lung cancer.” 

He added, “This is because big oil has always relied on the big tobacco playbook of delay and disinformation.”

Many in the energy-producing industry have raised the alarm over this bill, with The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) President and CEO Lisa Baiton telling the CBC, “Advertising is one way we can reach Canadians to ensure they are informed of the progress their oil and natural gas industry is making on these critical matters.”

However, a section that aims to quell discourse over the possible benefits of fossil fuels scares some Canadians the most. 

Many fear that policing free speech regarding this matter opens Pandora’s box for the Canadian federal government to police free speech online whether it has anything to do with the climate or not. 

Canada’s latest “misinformation” bill demonstrates just how important this crusade is to the Left 

Canada’s C-372 demonstrates one common tactic the Left uses to sneak in sinister surveillance and/or censorship programs. 

In a bill designed to stop advertising, lawmakers sneakily slipped in measures to further police free speech right under the nose of most Canadians. 

Many fear that this measure could severely affect the individual liberties of millions of Canadians, as well as destroy Canada’s booming energy production sector. 

American policy experts agree that it is only a matter of time before American lawmakers in Washington, D.C. propose similar measures aimed at destroying American energy producers and stripping free speech rights even further. 

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