Americans are livid at what Tucker Carlson’s alma mater just did

The word is out that universities have been overtaken by “woke” insanity.

And the problem is only getting worse.

But Americans are livid at what Tucker Carlson’s alma mater just did.

There have been countless examples of wokeness run amok on college campuses around the country in the past few years.

Despite increased scrutiny, the scourge of far-Left insanity on campuses has not gotten better; people have just become numb to it.

Trinity College’s leftist administration did the unthinkable to students flying the American flag

Now college students at Trinity College in Connecticut—Tucker Carlson’s alma mater—had flags hanging outside their dorm window for ideological reasons.

The undergraduate students displayed a Gadsden flag and an American flag with the thin blue, red, and green lines that represent police, firefighters, and military, respectively.

Trinity, which was once considered a right-leaning campus, has been infected by the same leftist intolerance of other colleges.

Fox News reported that “Trinity College in Connecticut forcibly removed two variations of the American flag from a dormitory window last week despite allowing other flags, like the pride flag, to remain for days after the incident. Roommates Finn McCole and Lucas Turco spoke to Fox News Digital about the incident, which was caught on video and first reported by Libs of TikTok. McCole said the flags were put up on Wednesday night and by the next day the college administration came to take down the flags…The two students asked one woman in the video why she was taking the flags down and repeatedly told her not to touch their property.”

Old Glory ripped down while LGBTQ banners were allowed to stay

So Pride flags were allowed to stay up, but the Gadsden flag and the American flag were taken down.

This is indicative of the far-Left tilt that has taken place in universities around the country, even in red states.

According to the students, they were given no prior warning about the flags being “offensive.”

McCole explained, “No prior request was made for us to remove the flags…The two women from administration showed up at our dorm and said we have an official order from the dean to remove them immediately…When we requested to speak to the dean, they responded by calling campus facilities to bring a ladder to our dorm. The woman then ripped the flags down, as seen on video…This occurrence was our only explicit warning. There are no emails requesting us to take down the flags.”

Colleges have become wildly overpriced indoctrination mills.

Parents need to be very careful about where they send their kids for education.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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