Americans are aghast at the latest way the Left is showing their hatred following Rittenhouse verdict

Big Tech is almost entirely taken over by politics.

The Left didn’t need to do anymore to prove how much they’ve politicized all aspects of American life.

But Americans are aghast at the latest way the Left is showing their hatred following Rittenhouse verdict.

The crowdfunding site GoFundMe is yet another organization that is run by left-wing hacks.

GoFundMe blocked Kyle Rittenhouse from receiving funds for his legal defense, and said they did so because he was accused of committing violent acts.

But that standard is bogus because GoFundMe has allowed many violent left-wingers to raise funds.

Many online users were quick to point out the double standard.

So fundraisers for rioting and beating cops and robbing banks are permitted, but not for self defense against criminal sociopaths hellbent on destruction.

GoFundMe CEO Brad Damphousse caught so much flak on Twitter for the company’s hypocrisy, he set his Twitter account to private to stop the barrage.

This is how leftists operate.

Leftism is their religion, so everything must be in service to that.

They will enforce double standards with no compunction, censor counter-narrative voices, and make excuses for rioters fighting for one of their pet causes.

Nearly all of Big Tech is similar to GoFundMe.

They claim to be objective, but all of their actions suggest they are left-wing activists.

The Rittenhouse trial was so pivotal because the right to self defense was actually on trial.

If Rittenhouse had been found guilty, self defense against unhinged leftist rioters would have been prohibited.

The Left want their shock troops to have free rein when they terrorize a city.

And Big Tech is playing its role.

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