America-loving rockstar totally destroyed leftists renouncing their citizenship over overturning of Roe

Countless Hollywood elites want you to know that they hate our nation and despise the Supreme Court for making abortion a state issue. 

But finally we have someone who aligns more with the average American’s beliefs. 

But this America-loving rockstar totally destroyed leftists renouncing their citizenship over the overturning of Roe.

Literally every time a politically-divisive issue comes up, leftists in Hollywood and the music industry want to tell us their thoughts. 

Oftentimes, their thoughts are about as dumb as it gets. 

And still, somehow, they think those in middle America are the biggest idiots to the point where they will openly mock you. 

Well the latest issue the high school drop outs would like to lecture us all on is abortion.

Thanks to the Supreme Court coming to the realization that abortion is a state’s issue, Roe v. Wade is no more. 

And this is driving leftists absolutely mad. 

Billie Joe Armstrong is the singer for the overrated band Green Day.

And while in London a couple weeks ago, he renounced his US citizenship to the group of brits. 

Well, red-blooded American Ted Nugent was having none of it. 

And on his nightly podcast, the classic rock legend said that Armstrong was going “berserk to kill babies and to ban guns and to open the borders and support a government that imports fentanyl chemical warfare against American citizens.”

He continued, “I’ve witnessed some artists out there, like Billie Armstrong of Green Day — he’s incredibly talented, but he’s just lost his soul.”

Can you imagine how much better our nation would be if leftists actually followed through on their threat to leave the country for good?

But don’t count on it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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