Amazon is defunding conservative groups for a troubling reason

Big Tech is controlling the spread of information in profound ways.

People are only beginning to come to grips with the power and influence of Big Tech giants.

Now Amazon is defunding conservative groups for a troubling reason.

In 2013, online retail giant Amazon launched AmazonSmile, a program that allowed customers to donate a percentage of their purchase to various charitable causes.

But many now conservative groups have been barred from participation in the program while radical Left groups have not.

Amazon relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to weed out so-called “hate groups” from the program, but the SPLC has devolved into little more than an attack dog for the Left.

Christian groups and immigration hawks are not allowed to fundraise due to “hate,” but Satanist groups and pro-abortion organizations have no such problem.

Newsbusters reports:

“Amazon shoppers can donate to no less than four different satanic and witchcraft organizations. Apparently, devil worship is fine, according to Amazon. Shoppers can donate to The Satanic Temple, the Temple of Witchcraft, Lilith Grotto of the Church of Satan and the Satanic Ministry. The Satanic Temple, specifically, mentioned an ‘abortion ritual’ on its website.” 

This double standard shows how moral relativism has warped cultural perceptions of right and wrong.

Abortion rituals are okay, but refusing to bake a customized wedding cake for a gay couple is beyond the pale for the establishment Left.

The Left has debased the culture, and anyone who disagrees is practicing “hate.”

Ironically, SPLC founder Morris Dees was expelled from the group after multiple allegations of racism, abuse, and malfeasance.

Nevertheless, the group still has a patina of legitimacy even though it has labeled people like Maajid Nawaz (a liberal practicing Muslim) and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (former Muslim refugee from Somalia) as anti-Islamic hate preachers.

The SPLC was forced to pay Nawaz a $3.4 million settlement for its lazy slander of him.

AmazonSmile is yet another data point that illustrates how left-wing bias is baked into the dominant culture.

Amazon recently went so far as to ban the scholarly book When Harry Became Sally by Ryan Anderson because it was deemed “anti-trans.”

Amazon also pulled web hosting services from right-leaning Twitter competitor Parler for dubious reasons.

Virtually all of the movies, television shows, songs, schools, and even companies have a left-wing worldview that seeps into the products.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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