Alumni groups make a desperate bid stop one ticking time bomb in higher education

The substance of higher education has disintegrated rapidly over the past few decades. 

And as college campuses get a “woke” makeover all almost all logical thought is coming to a grinding halt. 

Now, some alumni groups are making a desperate bid stop one ticking time bomb in higher education.

Promoting “diversity” used to be a hot button leftist issue. 

But as soon as the radical Left got a chokehold on campus speech, they started locking down. 

These days “woke” activists have accused their fellow students of “violence” for everything from calling a woman a woman to taking a Chick-fil-A up into a campus diversity center.

And don’t even think about sporting a Make America Great Again cap or t-shirt.  

In response, the “old guard” is going to bat for free speech on campuses across the United States. 

Alumni from schools including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Bucknell, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are now part of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance according to The Washington Post

In fact, more than a dozen groups have joined the alliance which requires holding freedom of speech, academic freedom, and “viewpoint diversity” as their primary mission. 

“There is a feeling that a lot of universities are losing their way,” Edward Yingling, President of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance and founder of Princetonians for Free Speech said. “There is very little diversity of thought.”

Not to mention that very little thought at all is happening these days as logic is replaced with the mind-bending nonsense leftists want to pretend is true. 

Of course, those wackos are absolutely blowing up as their god-like control over the thoughts and emotions of incoming freshmen is challenged by old fashioned intellectual debate. 

“I see the false narrative being created, then being embraced, and then being organized around,” Brandon Hasbrouck, an associate professor of law at Washington and Lee said. “Fundamentally, we should be questioning the narrative itself.”

Hasbrouck is part of the woke mob determined to rewrite history to suit the needs of leftist central planners. 

Students are certainly feeling the pressure of trying to learn in a stifling environment. 

The Knight Foundation released a study earlier this year revealing that less than half of college students feel their right to free-speech is secure. 

Back in 2016, nearly three-quarters of students believed they still had the right to speak freely. 

Alumni certainly have their work cut out when it comes to making sure the pendulum swings back the other direction—before it’s too late. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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