All hell broke loose when Democrats pulled the trigger to position Gavin Newsom as the future of their party

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As the Democrat Governor of the largest state in the union, Newsom’s name was dropped as a potential Joe Biden replacement on the Presidential ticket in 2024.

Now, he may not be the frontrunner at the top of the ticket in 2028. 

And all hell broke loose when Democrats pulled the trigger to position Gavin Newsom as the future of their party.

At this pace there won’t be anyone left for Gavin Newsom to govern

In a recent interview with Kelly Ripa, legendary actress Goldie Hawn recounted her home being burglarized twice in a four-month span. 

The Overboard star summarized by calling Los Angeles, “terrible,” and admitting she and her long-time beau Kurt Russell are contemplating a move. 

They’re not alone. 

Celebrities are leaving Hollywood in droves. 

Mark Wahlberg moved his family to Nevada outside of Las Vegas.

Mayor of Kingstown star Jeremy Renner also settled in the Silver State, but up north in the Reno area.

Comedic actor Rob Schneider roasted Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom before moving to Arizona.

Joe Rogan packed his bags and left for the Lone Star State.

Kanye West is saving a bundle now that he lives in Wyoming.

Thor – also known as Chris Hemsworth — couldn’t wait to get as far away from California as possible, moving all the way to Australia.

Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman enjoy state tax-free status living in the Volunteer State of Tennessee.

And Busy Philipps headed east for New York calling Los Angeles, “toxic” in the process.

The Hotel California has plenty of vacancies, as celebrities wake up to Hollywood reality 

However, it’s not just celebrities escaping Los Angeles.

And it’s not just LA they’re fleeing – it’s the entire Golden State. 

In fact, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, California has a net loss of more than 850,000 residents from 2019 to 2023.

And it’s not getting any better for Newsom and his state. 

Move Buddha is a relocation firm that recently researched 100,000 relocation searches this year alone. 

They found that California cities made up five of the top ten cities residents were looking to leave. 

Worse yet, Los Angeles and San Francisco took the top two spots, with the City of Angels having the most total searches, and Nancy Pelosi’s Bay City had the most people looking to leave per capita. 

As a consequence of the population loss, California lost five congressional seats and electoral college votes in the last census. 

And The Census Project is projecting the state is on pace to lose another five of each following the 2030 census. 

Replacing citizens with immigrants 

Newsom thought he had found a lone bright spot. 

PJ Media is reporting California experienced an anemic 0.17% growth rate last year – but at least it reversed the trend of residents moving out of state, right? 


According to PJ Media, the state gained 67,000 in population last year. 

However, the same report shows 114,200 legal immigrants migrated to the state last year – and no telling how many illegal aliens. 

Some quick math reveals that’s actually a net loss of 47,000 legal U.S. citizens. 

PJ Media found that moving a three-to-four-bedroom home via U-Haul from San Francisco to Austin, Texas, would cost a family more than $5,000. 

And each year, tens of thousands of Californians are more than willing to pony up the big bucks, pay the price, and flee Newsom’s state. 

But Democrats want him to run the country. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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