All damnation is breaking loose for the ‘prostitute’ who helped expose a disturbing Obama-era scandal

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With media outfits willing to hold Democrats accountable few and far between, President Joe Biden – like former boss Barack Obama – largely gets a free pass from the so-called mainstream press.

Now a disturbing reason has just come back into the spotlight.

Because all damnation is breaking loose for the ‘prostitute’ who helped expose a disturbing Obama-era scandal.

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe launched his career by uncovering Democrat malfeasance.

Back in 2009, O’Keefe released undercover video footage that took down an Obama-linked organization known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – or ACORN – a group the then-President had previously represented in a case over suspicious voter registration activities.

As part of O’Keefe’s investigation, he dressed up as a pimp while his accomplice, Hannah Giles, dressed as a prostitute and the duo sought advice from an ACORN on running their fictitious illegal enterprise.

Video footage showed an ACORN staffer was seemingly all too willing to help, despite even being told underage ladies would be involved.

The undercover sting operation helped O’Keefe build Project Veritas into a formidable news organization and over the years, Veritas uncovered many instances of corruption that have led to resignations.

But shortly after O’Keefe had a blockbuster report on Pfizer, he was mysteriously ousted from the organization he launched based on dubious claims of creating a hostile work environment.

Organization that uncovered corruption is on the verge of complete implosion

Project Veritas, a nonprofit organization, required O’Keefe to select board members to be in compliance with federal law, and the board members ultimately squeezed him out of his own creation.

Giles was brought in to right the ship and named the new CEO, but without O’Keefe as the face of the organization, Veritas is imploding.

According to reports, the organization is laying off dozens of employees as donations have dried up, and thus far, Giles has not been able to stabilize Veritas.

Giles told Breitbart, “I’m a home-schooling mother of three. But, I couldn’t sit by and let the organization, our team, continue to fall into a financial condition that would block the mission. We went from 65 employees to 60, then to 50.”

Giles has culled the organization down to only 18 team members including herself.

Giles clarified, “It was purely a financial economic layoff,” as people have stopped donating to the organization without O’Keefe in charge of it.

A source told Breitbart, “Since James quit, the donations dried up. The donations never resumed.”

The move to get rid of O’Keefe seemed coordinated.

Employees were encouraged to sign a list of grievances against him.

The group letter included, “James has become a power-drunk tyrant. We have all been on the receiving end of unnecessary, seemingly intentionally humiliating, and outright cruel behavior.”

One absurd charge against O’Keefe is that he ate an employee’s sandwich.

O’Keefe responded, “I don’t have answers to why they’ve been doing what they’ve been doing, or why board members were going directly to employees to collect a list of grievances on the week of our biggest story ever. Or why our board members were going to employees directly to discuss removing me from Project Veritas – on the same week of our biggest story of all time.”

Giles added, “Project Veritas is in a rebuilding phase. I am determined to put this organization on solid financial footing and, more importantly, to ensure that it is run with the utmost integrity. What’s more, former board members are actively trying to undermine and destroy the organization. One to vindicate James personally, and the other to sink him.”

O’Keefe has continued his work at the O’Keefe Media Group, but this time he set up his organization as a for-profit private company to protect himself from another board takeover.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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