Alejandro Mayorkas’s Ministry of Truth is coming back to life with this terrifying move

Democrats know they’re in trouble for the midterm elections.

Their only chance to win is by silencing their opponents.

Now, Alejandro Mayorkas’s Ministry of Truth is coming back to life with this terrifying move.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board was an Orwellian nightmare brought to life.

This Ministry of Truth was supposed to crack down on so-called online misinformation. 

But after a botched roll out and outrage from conservatives, this censorship scheme was put on pause.

While the federal efforts to censor misinformation may be on hold temporarily, this crusade to silence conservatives is being outsourced.

States are beginning to pick up the slack of combating so-called misinformation after Biden’s effort failed.

Several Democrat led states are creating their own Ministries of Truth ahead of the midterm elections to tackle what they deem election-related disinformation.

Censoring misinformation has turned into a crusade by the Left to silence their political critics.

After the disputed 2020 election, conservative speech about election integrity is in their crosshairs.

The Left’s allies in Big Tech have been ruthless about silencing conservatives who question the Left’s narrative.

In Connecticut, the state is preparing to spend nearly $2 million on a new campaign to target election-related misinformation in advance of the midterms.

This effort will create a first of its kind “misinformation” expert in the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office and the new czar will be paid $150,000 of taxpayer’s money to head up the effort.

The expert will be tasked with searching the internet to identify memes, social media posts and “emerging narratives” to flag them before they go viral.

In addition to the usual Big Tech platforms, this Minister of Truth will also be after conservative social media sites like GETTR and Rumble along with the dark web.

After the bureaucrats flag something as election misinformation, tech companies will be asked to remove the content or slap a misinformation warning label on it.

Connecticut Deputy Secretary of State Scott Bates justified this new censorship push.

“Misinformation can erode people’s confidence in elections, and we view that as a critical threat to the democratic process,” Bates explained.

“We need to know what’s out there before it goes viral,” he added.

“We need to get ahead of the curve and knock down bad information to protect people from misinformation that would get in their way of voting,” he remarked.

Connecticut is joining other Democrat-controlled states in trying to ramp up censorship ahead of the elections.

In Colorado, the Democrat Secretary of State created a Rapid Response Election Security Cyber Unit that goes even further than Connecticut.

Authorities in Colorado will turnover anything flagged as election misinformation over to Biden-controlled federal law enforcement.

California’s Secretary of State is collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security to identify “patterns of misinformation across the internet.”

After failing at the federal level, the left is continuing to try to silence conservatives with these under the radar efforts in the states.

With a tough midterm coming for Democrats, they’re doubling down on their effort to shut down their critics. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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