Alan Dershowitz points to anti-Semitism in letter on reversing AT&T’s Newsmax decision

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The establishment is trying to pick off conservative voices one by one.

Cable news channel Newsmax recently found that out the hard way.

But Alan Dershowitz is pointing to anti-Semitism in a letter on reversing AT&T’s Newsmax decision.

Telecom giant AT&T, which owns DirecTV, made the decision to remove Newsmax from the channel lineup.

The company did the same with One America News Network, another conservative channel that challenges the establishment.

However, Alan Dershowitz and several Jewish leaders are imploring AT&T to “reconsider” its decision and keep Newsmax in DirecTV’s lineup.

The letter read, “We, the undersigned leaders of the Jewish community throughout the U.S., write to you to express our serious concern about your decision to remove Newsmax from DirecTV systems.”

Newsmax grew in popularity after Fox News made some controversial election calls from its decision desk the night of the 2020 election.

Fox waited several hours to call Florida and Texas for Donald Trump, but called Nevada immediately for Biden despite relatively small margins.

Letter says Newsmax provided “crucial” outlet for jewish community leaders to their share perspective

The letter added that Newsmax serves as “a crucial way for us to reach our fellow Americans to share our perspectives on anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, the State of Israel and other matters important to our community.”

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and other Democrats in Congress can barely contain their contempt for the State of Israel.

In the case of Omar and Tlaib, their complaints about Israel do not stop at foreign policy disagreements; they do not believe it should exist.

The letter added that “fair coverage of issues of concern, including coverage of the State of Israel, has been difficult to find in major media” and said that some in the media have “turned a blind eye to the sharp and dangerous rise of anti-Semitism in America.”

Dershowitz and his cohort said that Newsmax “has been an invaluable voice” in the cable news landscape.

They continued, “We have found Newsmax has offered fair coverage of Jewish issues and Israel — and has served as an important platform for us to speak out against the dangerous rise of anti-Semitism.”

The removal of Newsmax is a disturbing example of how far the Left are willing to go in order to censor anyone with counter-narrative views.

If the Left had their druthers, they would have Fox News removed, too.

They have tried, but have been unsuccessful.

Leftists will start with OAN and Newsmax, and work their way up to Fox.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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