Adam Schiff’s staff worried sick over a Republican move that would make their lives a living hell

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Rep. Adam Schiff wants a big promotion.

He’s even reportedly dispatched allies to help temporarily prop up Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.

But it’s a Republican move Adam Schiff’s staff worried sick will make their lives a living hell.

The Twitter Files have disclosed a trove of evidence, indicating that the FBI and other federal agencies teamed up with Big Tech to censor conservatives.

These groundbreaking revelations are causing Americans to lose trust in their government, especially if they do not support the Joe Biden regime.

Last December, Elon Musk released a series of Twitter’s internal memos to journalists which indicate that the FBI teamed up with Twitter and other Big Tech platforms to censor enemies of Joe Biden.

If true, these allegations detail how the FBI and the DoJ directly defied the First Amendment in order to meddle in American political elections.

The effect of all clearly seems to have helped advance Joe Biden’s political career.

In an attempt to stand up to the politicized FBI, Senator Bill Haggerty of Tennessee just reintroduced the Disclose Government Censorship Act.

Could allow citizens to eventually get records about Big Government-Big Tech collusion against them

Sen. Haggerty said in a recent statement that he is introducing this bill because “The collusion between the Biden Administration and Big Tech that has come to light over the last two years is not only disturbing but inconsistent with the government’s constitutional role in American life.”

If passed, the bill would require government officials to make disclosures regarding any coordination between themselves or other federal government agents and tech companies to censor Americans online.

That’s right it would make life a living hell for staff of leftist politicians like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Senator Angus King (I-ME).

It would require more paperwork from the bureaucrats who work for politicians like King and Schiff who were publicly outed encouraging Twitter to aid them in censorship of citizens in violation of First Amendment.

And of course, that’s the last thing notoriously lazy government employees want.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and cosponsor of the Disclose Government Censorship Act added, “Time and time again, the Biden Administration and Big Tech have shown they cannot police themselves in protecting Americans’ First Amendment right to free speech.”

Although this bill seems like common sense, the truth is that there is a wide gap between forcing more paperwork on censorship-mad government employees and tarring and feathering or at least immediately ending their taxpayer-funded employment.

And this legislation has a slim-to-zero chance of becoming law as long as Chuck Schumer is calling the shots in the Senate, and Joe Biden is in the White House.

The FBI and other government employees will likely not face accountability for their alleged collusion with Big Tech unless that happens.

Feds likely will avoid accountability despite mounting public pressure

Too often in government, those who are actively destroying the nation skirt responsibility for the harm they are doing.

The Disclose Government Censorship Act is a step in the right direction, however, Joe Biden would never in a million years sign this bill.

The FBI needs to get the message that the American public does not support their efforts to silence them.

The good news is, House Republicans are still looking into the claims that the Twitter Files made, and further action could come any day now.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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