Adam Schiff should just retire after the latest Elon Musk bombshell

It’s no surprise that Congress is filled with liars and reprobates.

But Adam Schiff truly takes the cake.

And Schiff should just retire after the latest Elon Musk bombshell.

Elon Musk’s release of the Twitter Files has been the worst thing to happen to the political establishment since perhaps Donald Trump’s election in 2016.

Through the work of independent journalists, Musk has uncovered the corrupt collusion between the government, Big Tech, and the establishment media.

Schiff used Twitter to milk Russia Collusion Hoax

And the latest dispatch from Matt Taibbi showed that Adam Schiff and other “congressional trolls” were using Twitter to milk the bogus Russian influence narrative.

In January 2018, Twitter wrote to Schiff and Senate Dianne Feinstein, “We performed a preliminary analysis of available geographical data for Tweets with the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo. Our initial inquiry, based on available data, has not identified any significant activity connected to Russia with respect to Tweets posting original content to this hashtag.”

The “Release The Memo” hashtag related to former Congressman Devin Nunes’s memo alleging malfeasance within the intelligence community.

The Democrats tried to argue that people tweeting the hashtag were Russian bots, which turned out to be false.

Internal Twitter documents showed that Democrats were “putting the cart before the horse” by claiming that Russia was behind interest in Nunes’s memo.

Another internal email said that by humoring the baseless claims from Schiff and other Democrats, Twitter higher-ups were “feeding congressional trolls.”

Twitter was under constant pressure from the Left to find any iota of evidence to feed into Hillary Clinton’s bogus Russiagate narrative, and the company found nothing.

After Russiagate went nowhere, Schiff, Feinstein, and the Democrats tried to memory-hole the panic.

Nunes responded, “Schiff and the Democrats falsely claimed Russians were behind the Release the Memo hashtag, all my investigative work…By spreading the Russia collusion hoax, they instigated one of the greatest outbreaks of mass delusion in U.S. history.”

Russiagate may go down as one of the biggest political scandals in history.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Media Complex constructed a narrative out of thin air and bullied Big Tech into going along with it.

And that was used as a pretext to launch investigations and ignore others.

Despite mounting evidence, nobody has been held accountable for the deception.

If Republicans had not reclaimed the House, Schiff would’ve been allowed to remain on the House Intelligence Committee.

This is the corruption that the Democrats were hoping would stay buried under old Twitter management.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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