Adam Schiff just made a disturbing move to take down Fox News

Democrats are using censorship as their weapon of choice.

That has become their chief tactic because they are losing the argument.

And Adam Schiff just made a disturbing move to take down Fox News.

Congressman Adam Schiff, fresh off being stripped of his House Intelligence Committee assignment by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is turning his ire toward Fox News.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Schiff called for more people to sue Fox News and target the network’s advertisers.

Schiff wants to silence Fox News hosts

O’Donnell said to Schiff, “You, at the January 6 Committee, showed us what the Fox hosts were saying on January 6 itself. All of them believed, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham – they all believed that it was in Donald Trump’s power to stop what was happening at the Capitol immediately. They all texted the White House, trying to get that to happen. They all believe that they had the power to stop it. They never told their audiences that that’s what they were doing, but that is what we saw, what they did on January 6. Thank you to your investigation on the committee.”

This is incredibly dishonest framing because Trump did address the crowd on January 6th and told people to go home.

Beyond that, it’s a cheap tactic by the Left to suggest that Trump orchestrated the Capitol Hill Riot because he told his supporters to leave.

Schiff responded, “That makes it clear for these hosts that it is also just about money. Maybe what was motivating them on January 6 was less about trying to save the country and more about trying to save their own skin. Maybe they had some sense that these internal communications might be revealed and might reveal that they were deliberately lying to the American people. And that they are therefore part of the responsibility, a big part of the responsibility for the blood of January 6 on their hands.”

That makes absolutely zero sense.

Being horrified by a riot does not make Fox News hosts culpable; none of the hosts mentioned ever condoned the rioters.

Schiff calls advertisers “culpable”

Schiff added, “I think that this is just explosive. I hope that Dominion is successful and that others, whether it is regarding the lies about the pandemic that literally put people’s lives at risk, also have litigation around that or others. Since there is nothing but the profit motive operating here, the only way to attack is to attack the profit. The other thing I would add to that is folks that continue to advertise on stations that deliberately put out lies and deliberately undermine our elections. They become culpable in this, too.”

Schiff has a lot of nerve talking about lying when he went on television multiple times and said that he had evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia.

And the establishment narrative on the pandemic has completely fallen apart.

Despite the Left’s dishonest attacks against Fox News and the network’s advertisers, it remains number one in the cable news ratings.

And that’s why the Democrats are so hellbent on destroying it.

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