A university handed this conservative a stomach-wrenching clean up job for hosting one guest they hate

College campuses have been hostile to conservatives for decades.

Now, it’s truly unhinged.

And this conservative just got handed a stomach-wrenching clean up job for hosting one guest his school hates.

College campuses bred the intolerance and wokeness that’s taking over the country.

Conservative and conservative speakers have long faced protests and threats of violence.

But it’s harder than ever to be a conservative on campus as one student at St. Louis University (SLU) found out when he got handed a stomach-wrenching clean up job after hosting Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh.

Walsh was invited to SLU by the College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation to speak on the topic of abortion.

SLU is a Roman Catholic university so a speech opposing abortion shouldn’t have been a controversial topic with the university’s faith based mission.

The college administration twice cooked up arbitrary changes to the school’s COVID policy for events forcing Walsh to cancel.

Frustrated, SLU Conservatives decided to host Walsh at an off-campus venue near campus where the university couldn’t interfere with the speech.

James Dowling, a member of the College Republicans, was putting up flyers off campus advertising Walsh’s appearance.

Campus administrators demanded he remove the flyers claiming he shouldn’t have been using the university name in promoting the event.

This came despite SLU not having jurisdiction over the off-campus area.

Dowling claimed removing every poster wasn’t feasible but the woke administrators didn’t care.

He now faces possible expulsion or suspension from the school for “failure to comply” and “inappropriate conduct.”

The school in a suspicious move scheduled the hearing over the event in the middle of finals weeks.

Dowling blasted the woke school officials, “During the encounter, there was no doubt in my mind that the administrators were both outside of their realm of control and acting out of personal political bias.” 

Matt Walsh put the university on notice saying, “SLU needs to back off and leave this kid alone. They are bullying him for political reasons and we won’t stand for it. I promise you.”

It remains to be seen what Dowling’s fate will be in the hearing after the attention drawn to his case.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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