A top Republican was silenced on YouTube for one mind-boggling reason

Right-wingers are skating on thin ice on social media.

Big Tech giants are not bashful about suspending conservatives for flimsy violations.

And a Republican was silenced on YouTube for one mind-boggling reason.

Congressman Darrell Issa is the latest right-winger to get silenced on YouTube.

His crime was spreading medical “misinformation” about the vaccine.

However, Issa didn’t even challenge the efficacy of vaccines – he simply said that the vaccines produced in America are superior to the one manufactured in Russia.

Issa explained in an interview with Brietbart:

“But as I was talking about technology and our role and so on, I brought up the example of how Sputnik, in the case of the vaccine, arrived first, but not as good as America. Where we came into the space race and had to catch up, but we not only caught up, but we produce superior products. So in that analogy, which was very much a side note to the speech. I disparaged the Sputnik vaccine. Now that’s the only time I talked about health because this speech was not about vaccines or health or anything else. And they took it down and cited, specifically cited, these, you know, the health and vaccine, so I know why it was taken down.”

In a normal world, the truth is an absolute defense.

But in clown world, stating facts is grounds for cancelation.

An ABC News report even stated that the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine was in the 60s while the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were over 90%.

Even if the percentages are off, ABC News is considered an authoritative news source by the establishment.

There is no reason to suspend Issa other than the fact he is a Republican and leftist content moderators at YouTube have itchy trigger fingers.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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