A top newspaper just censored a sitting Republican Governor for this insane reason

Newspapers have long since stopped bothering to pretend to be unbiased and objective sources of news. 

They have become blatant in their bias. 

However, one newspaper in a battleground state just took the bias to a new level when they refused to run a response from this sitting Republican Governor. 

The culture wars are raging in the United States and Big Media has wasted no time picking a side. 

The Des Moines Register (DMR), in Iowa, recently issued an editorial in defense of a local school district hiding information from parents about their respective children. 

The Register’s opinion piece lists the reasons they believe parents shouldn’t be notified by schools about things like their children’s sexuality, gender identity or even pregnancy status. 

“Tradition and the law provide a strong presumption that parents and guardians have the last word on most issues involving their kids,” the editorial piece reads. “Children’s rights are important, too. They deserve to be treated consistent with who they are. The federal courts should affirm [school]board members’ judgment.”

Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has a decidedly different opinion from the “paper of record” in the Hawkeye State. 

So, the duly-elected head of state decided to write an opinion piece of her own and submit it to The Des Moines Register

However, the powers that be at The Register decided against running the Op-ed of the woman who about 670,000 Iowans voted for – giving her a 3-point victory – back in 2018. 


Because she used the term “biological male.” 

The paper refused to run her piece unless she changed the phrase to “children assigned male at birth.”

To take heat off themselves, the DMR is insisting they’re simply standing by the Associated Press Style Guide. 

The AP Style Guide is a handbook issued every year with advice to reporters and newsrooms as a whole on how to stylistically use language in journalism. 

They often weigh in on the “proper” way to say controversial things and always errs on the side of “sensitivity.”   

For example, before the Supreme Court of the United States made it legal nationwide, the AP Style Guide instructed newsrooms to use the term “marriage equality,” and not “gay marriage.” 

Gov. Reynolds held her own and instead submitted her full opinion – in her own words – to Hawkeye State conservative media outlet, the Iowa Field Report. 

In the piece, the first-term governor, who is up for re-election this November, stands up for parental rights. 

“We’re not talking here about adults; we’re talking about kids as young as twelve, who can now change their names and pronouns at school, knowing their schools will conceal it from their parents,” Gov. Reynolds wrote. “Biological males will be allowed to share restrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping quarters on overnight trips with girls. If they or their parents feel uncomfortable with that, too bad.”

The state of “journalism” in 2022 America, the “paper of record” in a state with an outsized impact in every Presidential nominating contest, just refused to run an opinion piece from the states’ sitting governor because they disapprove of her use of a two-word scientific term. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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