A top GOP Senator says LinkedIn was censoring Americans at the request of this Communist country

The censorship of conservative voices in America is an ever-growing problem.

The world watched as Facebook and Twitter censored the President of the United States – a move most could have never fathomed.

Now, a top GOP Senator says LinkedIn was censoring Americans at the request of this Communist country.

Censorship is nothing new, but something many Americans didn’t see in their daily lives until recently.

The rise of social media and the ability to have news at your fingertips has made people far more aware of just what is being suppressed from their daily feed.

Now Representative Jim Banks, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, says censorship is going even further than just silencing some “mean” Donald Trump Tweets.

Banks sent a letter last week to LinkedIn, a professional networking site owned by Microsoft, criticizing the company for bowing down to the Chinese government by blocking profiles of Americans who refer to the Asian superpower in a critical fashion.

Yes, you read that correctly. An American company is censoring Americans for speaking ill of Communist China.

Allegedly, at least 100 Americans have had their LinkedIn profiles banned “by China” for having supposed anti-China content in the “education” section of their profile.

Dan Gainor, Vice President at the Media Research Center, says there have likely been more than a few hundred banned.

“LinkedIn is pressuring U.S. citizens to remove posts critical of China’s dictatorship because, apparently, ‘regional laws’ compel them to do Xi’s bidding,” Representative Banks told the Washington Examiner.

Stories of the Biden administration’s friendliness toward the communist Chinese have been spreading for months.

Banks also says it’s unclear if LinkedIn is proactively trying to stop Chinese spies from using the platform to recruit U.S. sources – this activity is illegal in America.

Whatever the case may be, Representative Banks wants answers, and he wants them now.

In 2009, China blocked Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Not long after, in 2010, Google withdrew from China over censorship and intellectual property theft by the Chinese government.

This means LinkedIn and its parent company Microsoft are the only major American social media company left operating in communist China despite the harsh censorship rules.

One must question why Microsoft has remained in China for so long, given how other Big Tech names like Facebook, YouTube, and Google walked away.

These companies must be held accountable for actions that could endanger the U.S.’s national security.

But with Joe Biden in office, it’s doubtful anything will ever come of it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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