A top GOP Senator has had enough and he just unloaded on this service after one breathtaking act of censorship

Expressing counter-narrative viewpoints has become costly.

People have lost their livelihoods for saying things that the establishment doesn’t like.

Now a top GOP Senator has had enough and he just unloaded on this service after one breathtaking act of censorship.

Establishment gatekeepers are determined to drown out all dissenting opinions.

Their plan of attack involves brute-force censorship.

And now right-leaning news outlet One America News is being dropped from satellite provider DirecTV.

A spokesman for the television provider said in a statement:

“We informed Herring Networks [the company that owns OAN] that, following a routine internal review, we do not plan to enter into a new contract when our current agreement expires.”

That jaw-dropping move spurred Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky to drop his subscription with DirecTV.

DirecTV offered zero explanation for dropping OAN, but it seems quite clear that political considerations were at play.

The Left have slandered OAN as a propaganda network for years, and that rhetoric escalated after the 2020 election.

The grand prize for the Left is taking Fox News off the air, but they will settle for OAN for now.

Newsmax might not be far behind.

The move looks even more suspicious considering AT&T owns DirecTV as well as OAN competitor CNN.

It’s hard to believe that had nothing to do with the move.

OAN saw a spike in popularity after the 2020 election, but CNN has seen a sharp decline in ratings after Joe Biden’s inauguration.

OAN will remain on Verizon and other smaller television providers, but DirecTV was their biggest distribution platform.

The right-leaning network has already been booted from YouTube, so the attack on counter-narrative news outlets is accelerating.

It’s absurd that the Left labeled OAN propaganda when the legacy media sold the Russian collusion lie for two years, and many liberals still parrot the lie to this day.

For example, MSNBC proclaimed that Donald Trump was a Russian “agent” despite 22 months of the Robert Mueller investigation and they still found nothing.

What happened to OAN can happen to any platform or any person that has counter-narrative views.

It’s vital people on the Right ensure they’re not to be entirely reliant upon leftist institutions.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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