A top Democrat donor is facing an insurrection from employees for one jaw-dropping reason

Leftism has spread everywhere in Big Business.

But companies that engage in “woke” capitalism are starting to have second thoughts.

Now a major Democrat donor is facing an insurrection from employees for one jaw-dropping reason.

Liberal companies have spent the last few years bending the knee to their far-Left employees.

Instead of pacifying the “woke” mob, they only emboldened them.

Now major Democrat donor Jeff Bezos is feeling the heat from within one of his own companies.

Leftists have a love/hate relationship with Bezos.

He funds a lot of left-wing causes, but he also runs one of the most powerful corporations in the world.

And employees within Amazon wrote an open letter making demands in light of the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The letter read, “Below are proposed ideas on how Amazon might use its considerable influence and responsibility to help our country correct its course and mitigate the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision on Amazon employees. Although some ideas bear a larger business risk than others, these are unprecedented times, which require us to Think Big to change the world.”

Already, the employees come across as obnoxious leftists.

These people have never built or created anything – all they know how to do is destroy and deconstruct, which is what they were indoctrinated to do in college.

The employees demanded that executives “use Amazon’s voice to publicly and unequivocally denounce this decision” and “allow employees of all genders the space and time to grieve, express their frustrations, and protest against this assault on our rights.”

Not only are they entitled, they’re lazy.

They want time off to grieve and protest, which is flat-out embarrassing.

These Bolsheviks also want Amazon to “cease operations in states that enact laws that threaten the lives and liberty of abortion seekers, either by denying healthcare in life threatening circumstances or by criminalizing abortion seekers and providers.”

First, no state denies abortion if a woman’s life is in danger, and no state criminalizes women for having an abortion.  Instead, laws make it illegal to perform an abortion.

The Amazon employees effectively want the company to stop doing business with half the states in the country.

Amazon is a multinational corporation, so they would have to stop doing business with all of the other countries of the world who restrict abortion.

Amazon is just the latest corporation to have the revolutionaries within their company make political demands.

Some of them have begun fighting back.

SpaceX fired the disruptors who committed public insubordination of company management.

Amazon should offer a stern rejection to the demands of the leftists within its ranks.

Leftist employees will stop trying to pull this nonsense if the incentive structure is no longer there.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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