A top Clinton official revealed this awful situation facing Democrats over Joe Biden

Office of Senator Robert Byrd, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are panicking after Joe Biden blew the Presidential debate.

The Party is facing some big decisions about how to move forward.

And a top Clinton official revealed this awful situation facing Democrats over Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s debate debacle sparks a movement to remove him from the ticket 

President Joe Biden went into the first Presidential debate with a low bar to hurdle for it to be a success.

He just needed to seem competent enough to reassure Americans that he was mentally up to the task of being President.

But he turned in an awful 90-minute spectacle where his brain malfunctioned in front of the country.

Biden was already trailing in national and swing state polling to former President Donald Trump.

Democrats realized that he faced an uphill battle selling voters that he was capable of serving another term.

A movement began to try and wipe the slate clean by nudging Biden out of the Presidential race.

Biden railed against Democrats trying to force him to step aside and challenged them to contest the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in August during a phone call to MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The President has made it clear that he’s not going anywhere.

Clinton pollster says that Democrats would blow up the part removing Biden 

Mark Penn – a former pollster to former President Bill Clinton – said that Democrats need to make peace with Biden being their nominee during an appearance on Fox News.

“I keep telling people this, just listen to what he is saying: He’s running, he’s got the nomination, he won the Primary, he’s got the delegates and that’s the end of it,” Penn said.

Penn poured cold water on the idea of Democrats trying to lead a coup to remove Biden.

“The Party is going to get in line or commit suicide trying to undo his nomination because he isn’t going anywhere and nobody is going to be taking the 25th Amendment and no one is taking him out of office,” Penn explained. “None of those things are happening. And so he’s the nominee and I think they are making that clear and I don’t think anyone in the Party has any power to change that.”

If Joe Biden won’t step aside voluntarily, Democrats are stuck with him leading the ticket.

Democrats have been able to read the polls that came out after the debate, but Biden is in a state of denial.

He’s the first Democrat since the 2000 Election to be trailing in July of an election year.

Penn dismissed the idea that another Presidential candidate would save the day for Democrats.

“Do I think that the Democratic Party would do better switching horses in midstream and seeming chaotic?” Penn said. “I’m not sure that’s a very safe bet. They have their nominee, they’ve had their process.”

He said that trying to pick a new nominee at the convention would turn into a “nightmare.”

Democrats are facing the harsh reality that Joe Biden is their Presidential nominee.

The Party has no good options moving forward in an election that appears to be slipping away from them.

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