A top Chuck Schumer ally is targeting conservatives with this bone-chilling move

Democrats have put conservatives in their crosshairs for political persecution.

One far-Left Democrat stooped to an unthinkable new low.

And a top Chuck Schumer ally is targeting conservatives with this bone-chilling move.

The Left thought they had a chance to ram through a major gun control bill.

Despite tragic shootings occurring in places where the lawless Left refuses to enforce the gun control laws already on the books, they keep doubling down.

The Left was furious that their Senate compromise gun control bill fell short of their gun-grabbing wish list of an assault weapons ban and universal registration.

And they were even more furious when the Supreme Court handed New York a major defeat for their restrictive gun control laws, shooting down the idea of “may issue” concealed carry permits.

Armed law-abiding citizens have repeatedly proven the best means of stopping madmen with guns, but New York state, which has some of the strongest gun control laws in the country, and a few other deep blue states are doubling down on leaving citizens at the mercy of criminals.

The New York law struck down by the Supreme Court required that applicants prove “good cause” for getting a concealed carry permit.

In practice this made concealed carry permits out of reach for all but the most politically connected.

Now, New York and other states would be required to approve applicants that meet the legal stand for getting a concealed license without forcing them to jump over any unnecessary hoops.

Seething at the defeat of gun control at the federal level and from the Supreme Court decision, New York Democrats are now instituting a bone-chilling requirement to get a concealed carry permit.

A new bill passed by the Democrat-dominated state legislature would require anyone applying for a concealed carry license to turn over three years of social media history to get approved.

Government officials would then verify the “character and conduct” of the applicant.

According to the law, applicants must prove they have “the essential character, temperament and judgment necessary to be entrusted with a weapon and to use it only in a manner that does not endanger oneself and others.”

The bill would also require that applicants turn over the names and social media accounts of any adults living with them.

New York’s Democrat governor Kathy Hochul offered up a flimsy justification claiming, “Sometimes, they’re telegraphing their intent to cause harm to others.”

This is an Orwellian attempt to subvert New Yorkers’ First and Second amendment rights by bitter Democrats.

The requirement certainly runs afoul of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn New York’s restrictive concealed carry laws.

Gun control advocates aren’t interested in protecting innocent lives and where they have them on the books they rarely bother to enforce the gun control laws they insist will stop shootings they fail to do so.

As was just shown in the July 4th shooting in Illinois, officials didn’t even bother to enforce their own so-called “Red Flag” laws or so-called “expanded background check” laws.

Instead, they want these laws, because in the hands of far-Left bureaucrats like in New York, they’re easily turned into weapons against conservatives.

And you can be sure that’s exactly what will happen with New York’s new social media history requirement.

Such a law is ripe for abuse against conservatives.

The Left has claimed that Trump supporters are “dangerous” and a “threat” giving New York the flimsy pretext to reject a concealed carry application.

It’s easy to imagine posting support for conservatives on social media being used to deny a permit.

Before the bodies were cold after the Buffalo shooting, Governor Hochul falsely claimed that “hate speech” isn’t protected by the First amendment demanding that social media do more to censor speech she doesn’t like.

Social media account histories in the hands of petty tyrants like her, is ripe for abuse.

Already gun rights advocates are mounting legal challenges to the new New York law, but New Yorkers could be denied their rights for years waiting for them to be resolved. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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