A red state turned the tables on this woke Wall Street titan with this surprising move

Wokeness is running rampant throughout the country.

It’s even starting to take over Wall Street.

And a red state turned the tables on this woke Wall Street titan with this surprising move.

As the woke movement tries to dominate every aspect of life, it’s now set its sights on Wall Street.

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investing is becoming all the rage for major Wall Street players.

ESG investing seeks to make investments “socially responsible” by making things like “green” energy and support for woke political causes a top priority over delivering results for investors. 

The policy is part of the left’s effort to make everything bend to their political will.

BlackRock, Wall Street’s largest asset manager, has bought in whole hog to this leftist scheme.

They are pushing billions of dollars in investments into woke investing.

One of their stated goals is joining the radical environmentalists and pushing to eliminate carbon emissions in the U.S.

This move to “net zero” carbon emissions would devastate the American energy industry in the name of appeasing environmental wackos like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

One red state had enough of the woke Wall Street games and dropped the hammer on BlackRock.

West Virginia treasurer Riley Moore announced that the state would end its banking relationship with BlackRock over their woke environmental stances.

West Virginia is one of the biggest energy producers in the country from coal and natural gas.

“As the state’s chief financial officer and chairman of the Board of Treasury Investments, I have a duty to ensure that taxpayer dollars are managed in a responsible, financially sound fashion which reflects the best interests of our state and country, and I believe doing business with BlackRock runs contrary to that duty,” Moore said in a statement.

He added that the push for, “companies to embrace ‘net zero’ investment strategies that would harm the coal, oil and natural gas industries, while increasing investments in Chinese companies that subvert national interests and damage West Virginia’s manufacturing base and job market.”

BlackRock has also hypocritically been making major investments in China which is the world’s biggest polluter.

By ending its business relationship with BlackRock, the message is sent that going woke has a cost.

West Virginia joins Texas, which passed a law that prevented state agencies from investing money with companies like BlackRock if they boycott energy companies.

With red states putting their money where their mouth is, this could be the start of a bigger pushback against woke corporations.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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