A pro-MAGA rapper faced stunning retaliation and you won’t believe which Biden pals are responsible

Social media sites are coming under the thumb of state actors.

Any counter-narrative messages and voices run the risk of being silenced.

And a pro-MAGA rapper faced stunning retaliation and you won’t believe which Biden pals are responsible.

Donald Trump-supporting rapper Bryson Gray had his hit song “Let’s Go, Brandon” removed from the social media site TikTok.

Gray wasn’t given any warning at all before his song was nuked.

Gray’s song was also booted off of YouTube for alleged “medical misinformation,” which is insane.

The establishment is getting bolder in its censorship attempts.

The song isn’t even about COVID, but passing mentions of the vaccine in a counter-narrative way is grounds for suspension.

The viral meme of “Let’s go, Brandon” has rankled the Left.

They understand the power of ridicule, and they hate it when their sacred cows get attacked.

The slogan became popularized after “F*ck Joe Biden” chants proliferated in sports venues around the country, and an NBC Sports reporter clumsily tried to paper over anti-Biden chant by pretending they were shouting “Let’s go, Brandon”; she was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown as the crowd chanted in the bathroom.

Even WWE star “Stone Cold” Steve Austin got in on the fun.

Another rendition of the song by rapper Loza Alexander was the first to become a sensation.

For several days, two different versions of Alexander’s track and Gray’s track were in the top three on iTunes.

But all versions of the song are now conspicuously nowhere to be found on top of the iTunes charts.

Nevertheless, with Joe Biden’s approval numbers sinking, “Let’s go, Brandon” chants are unlikely to go away.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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