A new study shows Big Tech ignores the science with its bans

With so many people on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the Leftists behind Big Tech wield a tremendous amount of power.

And they use that power to silence anyone who doesn’t celebrate their woke narrative. 

But now, a new study is proving Big Tech is not following the science when it bans people for one of its biggest pet peeves. 

Don’t you dare misgender

It doesn’t take much to get censored, suspended or even banned on Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the Google-owned YouTube. 

One quick way to get deplatformed is to say the scientific fact that there are only two genders, or that men can’t get pregnant, or to call someone by their “deadname.” 

Just ask Jordan Peterson, who was removed from Twitter for refusing to delete a tweet calling Ellen Page, “Ellen Page.” 

The Umbrella Academy actress started out as a straight woman, then announced she was bi-sexual, before coming out as full lesbian. 

But “Elliot” Page, whose best-known role remains starring as the namesake female lead in Juno, had gender reassignment surgery so in leftist world Page became a straight guy? 

Or was, because now Page has started to date a so-called cis-gender male – aka a biological male.  

So, she’s a gay guy now according to leftist think?

It’s hard to keep up. 

But get it wrong and pay the price. 


Because Americans are told – with no evidence-based science behind the theory – that supposed “gender affirming care” saves lives by preventing people suffering from gender dysphoria from committing suicide.

40% of transgenders try to kill themselves 

According to PubMed, 82% of transgender people have suicidal thoughts, while about 40% attempt to kill themselves. 

Leftists say, if you placate, medicate and operate the sci-fi fantasies in the heads of trans people, it will improve their mental health and reduce suicides. 

There’s one problem – that’s never been proven. 

And in fact, a new study actually disproves the theory that has led to endless censorship from Big Tech.

Twitter doesn’t follow the science 

Manhattan Institute fellow, Leor Sapir, conducted research that found so-called “gender affirming care” has no positive mental health benefits, the Daily Wire reported.

Furthermore, Sapirs’ work found that pretending people are their “chosen gender” and providing hormones and puberty blockers and performing gender reassignment surgeries potentially has negative mental health ramifications. 

Sapir picked apart 16-studies that woke radicals hold up as their case for “gender affirming care.” 

He found the studies routinely “oversold or misrepresented the strength of evidence.”

One trick in the studies by pro-trans groups was to use short-term follow ups with subjects – which obviously can’t conclude long-term benefits or attitude shifts. 

Another trick they used was using heavily screened subjects instead of randomly selecting study participants, something known in the scientific community as, “selection bias.” 

Yet another problem was, instead of isolating “gender affirming care,” the studies used subjects who were receiving psychiatric medication, counseling, and coming from a supportive family environment all things that are independently shown to improve mental health.

Sapir also found the studies would wave results that didn’t conform to their hypothesis for having “small sample sizes,” while research using the same sample sides that had positive results were used. 

One of the studies Sapir looked into should have been disqualified, as the University of Washington was caught distorting the results in favor of “gender affirming care.” 

But despite all these problems, Big Tech will censor you if you dissent from the Leftist line on “gender affirming care.” 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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