A new poll is bad news for a Silicon Valley giant that muzzled Trump and COVID news and just made a big decree about this controversial topic

Big Tech continues to dutifully fulfill its role as an arm of the Democrat Party.

They no longer hide the fact that content not in agreement with Biden and the Left’s agenda is a target for censorship.

But a new poll is bad news for a Silicon Valley giant that muzzled Trump and COVID news and just made a big decree about this controversial topic.

Silicon Valley giant Google made a big decree about a controversial topic that proved Big Tech’s censorship plans go way beyond Trump and Covid.

Tech giants don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re censoring conservative viewpoints.

First it was COVID information, then Trump, and now the 2020 election.

Now, Google and YouTube announced they are set to censor videos that include information about another controversial topic.

Google and YouTube are adding climate change denial to the lengthy list of things people can no longer say if they want to monetize a video.

In a statement from Google’s ad team, the company said they would deny ad revenue from content that contradicts “well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change.”

“Advertisers simply don’t want their ads to appear next to this content,” the company said.

“And publishers and creators don’t want ads promoting these claims to appear on their pages or videos.”

It’s another move by Big Tech to try and control the information the public sees.

Big Tech continues to selectively enforce policies and is only policing those on the Right while allowing radical leftist speech to have free rein.” Capitalize “leftist.”

“There is a huge risk, I mean, for one they’re not particularly accountable except through your ability to sign off of the platform or sign on. There’s no kind of vote, there’s no type of representative, there’s no way to weigh in on what the rules should be or shouldn’t be,” said law professor Kate Klonick.

This is one of the most aggressive measures any tech company has put in place thus far, but it’s no surprise they’re doing it given Big Tech’s pension for censorship of the Right.

But a new poll shows they may want to rethink free speech on their platforms.

Gallup reports their poll found that American confidence in the media is at nearly the lowest level since the early 1970s.

The poll also showed that Americans trust in the government is on a sharp decline.

“Trust in the federal government’s handling of international problems has fallen nine percentage points since last year to a record-low 39%, and now matches the level of trust for its handling of domestic problems,” Gallup reported.

Is it really a surprise that Americans don’t trust the media or government?

The Fake News Media, Big Tech and the Biden administration are working overtime to suppress views that run counter to the elite’s and ostracize those who believe in freedom and the United States Constitution.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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