A key Tucker Carlson ally was censored using this bone chilling tactic

Tucker Carlson drives the Left crazy for speaking the truth.

That’s made Tucker and his allies top targets for the radical Left’s censorship regime.

And the Left just censored one of Carlson’s key allies with a tactic that will chill you to the bone.

One of the top guests on Tucker Carlson’s show is Darren Beattie – a former speech writer in the Trump White House, Beattie is now one of the top America First commentators and editor at Revolver.

After the Drudge Report’s leftist turn he founded Revolver as a Drudge competitor, earning Beattie praise from both Tucker and President Trump and for his coverage of federal informants’ involvement on January 6. 

Beattie pointed out that leaders of groups behind the capitol trespassing were on the federal payroll and avoiding charges, which has raised questions over what role the FBI and federal law enforcement played in the events of that day.

Tucker Carlson highlighted those bombshells in his explosive January 6th documentary, Patriot Purge.

The documentary broke the liberal narrative on January 6 and sent the radical Left up the wall.

As a result the Left is furious with Beattie’s critical work exposing the truth and they’re now trying to run him off of the internet. 

Sadly, a left-wing activist group just scored a chilling win for censorship in that effort.

Check My Ads HQ is a leftist pressure group that targets online advertisers on Conservative websites, demanding they drop their ads from popular Conservative sites.

Now they’ve gone after Beattie and Revolver News’ email provider SendGrid and convinced them to drop the Conservative outlet.

Check My Ads HQ sent defamatory tweets at Sendgrid saying “did you know Darren Beattie, a white nationalist who promotes anti-vaxx rhetoric, transphobia and election fraud disinformation is sending emails using your service?”

The childish, faulty accusations were enough to get SendGrid to fold and cancel Revolver’s email service.

SendGrid parent Twilio told Beattie the company violated the their terms of service but wouldn’t point out any specific violations.

Beattie is fighting back and defiantly proclaimed on his Social Media, “I am grateful that despite the best efforts of Regime apparatchiks to destroy us, Revolver News is stronger than ever.”

This is the latest in a growing wave of attacks by Check My Ads HQ against Conservatives and Conservative outlets.

Others, including Dan Bongino have previously fallen under their crosshairs with Check My Ads HQ targeting advertisers on his website.

As the Left continues getting humiliated by Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency, expect groups like Check My Ads HQ to work harder than ever to censor the truth.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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