A journalist who exposed Anthony Fauci lost his job for this shocking reason

Anthony Fauci hates it when anyone questions him. 

He’s coming under more scrutiny as he tries to drag on the pandemic.

And a journalist who exposed Tony Fauci lost his job for this shocking reason.

The public is ready to move on from the pandemic after nearly three years.

Even blue states are starting to throw in the towel on Fauci’s hysteria.

After Fauci did so much damage to the country, he’s under the microscope.

A longtime contributor to Forbes, Adam Andrzejewski has been a leading government watchdog.

He started OpenTheBooks.com which puts government spending online for the public.

The group’s goal is to make transparent “every dime taxed and spent government by our government” from the federal, state and local levels, so hard-working taxpayers can see what their money is used for.

As part of his work for Forbes, Andrzejewski began looking into Anthony Fauci’s compensation running the National Institutes for Health (NIH).

He used Freedom of Information Act requests to shine a spotlight on this hidden info on Fauci.

Andrzejewski’s work revealed some shocking numbers on what taxpayers are giving Fauci.

He discovered that Fauci was the highest-compensated federal employee bringing home more than even the President at $456,000.

Fauci’s household net worth was nearly $11 million according to his reporting. 

Christine Grady, Fauci’s wife, also works at the NIH as the Chief Bioethicist brought home roughly $235,000 which is more than the Vice-President.

“If you take their salaries, tack on the taxpayer-paid cost of federal benefits at 30%, the two Faucis, their household income, paid for by taxpayers every year is $900,000,” Andrzejewski remarked.

This spotlight on Fauci’s finances didn’t please everyone and Forbes dropped the hammer on him. 

Andrzejewski told Tucker Carlson, “Clearly Forbes editors did not want our oversight of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s finances on the website. After 8 years and 206 columns … my column was canceled.”

He went on to explain that members of Fauci’s NIH put pressure on Forbes to drop him.

“The National Institutes of Health’s six top executives wrote an e-mail to myself and Randall Lane, the top content officer at Forbes. It was couched as a corrections e-mail, but there were no substantial corrections and they quibbled about small things in my column. But that was the excuse Forbes used to cancel it,” he said.

Forbes couldn’t resist the pressure from the National Institutes of Health. Forbes editors — in email and on the phone — admonished that I wrote too many columns on Fauci,” he told the New York Post.

This is an unbelievable attack on the free press for publishing information taxpayers deserve to know.

Sadly, this is par for the course for Fauci.

Earlier emails leaked about Fauci at the beginning of the pandemic show he launched a smear campaign against critics of lockdowns.

With Andrzejewski vowing to continue his investigations with a new publisher, more revelations on Fauci could be on the way.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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