A Hillary Clinton ally is going after Trump supporter’s jobs with this bone-chilling move

Hillary Clinton is still furious she lost the 2016 election.

She’s hell-bent on taking out Trump supporters.

And one of her allies is going after Trump supporter’s jobs with this bone-chilling move.

While President Trump is out of office, he’s still at the top of the Left’s mind.

With the Biden regime turning into Jimmy Carter’s second term, the stage is set for an epic Trump comeback for 2024.

The Left is gearing up to do everything possible to shut down another Trump run.

And one top Hillary Clinton ally, David Brock, is on a new mission to end the careers of key Trump supporters.

Brock is known for his dirty politics, running smear merchant Media Matters against Conservatives.

He regularly attacked Rush Limbaugh and others in Conservative media to get broadcasters and advertisers to cancel them.

Now, lawyers who helped President Trump with his legal efforts in the 2020 election are in Brock’s crosshairs.

The 65 Project is a new effort to try to disbar attorneys who helped Trump’s election lawsuits or were at January 6 protests.

The goal is to explicitly end their legal careers because of their work for President Trump.

The project was originally conceived by former Clinton aide Melissa Moss.

According to AXIOS, “the 65 Project is targeting 111 attorneys in 26 states” who worked with or supported Trump’s efforts.

These are just the initial targets of the witch hunt.

Television ads will run in the battleground states to target these pro-Trump attorneys.

The group will also push state bar associations, which are responsible for licensing attorneys, to adopt rules targeting pro-Trump attorneys.

Brock told AXIOS the goal is “not only bring the grievances in the bar complaints, but shame them and make them toxic in their communities and in their firms.”

“I think the littler fish are probably more vulnerable to what we’re doing. You’re threatening their livelihood. And, you know, they’ve got reputations in their local communities,” he added.

A pro-Trump attorney Paul Davis said, “This move is nothing more than a desperate attempt by leftist hacks and mercenaries … to neutralize anyone on the right with the ability to stand in the way of the left’s efforts to hide malfeasance in the 2020 elections and to clear the path for a repeat of similar malfeasance in the 2022 mid-terms.”

This is an attempt to shut down any attorney from helping Trump in a potential 2024 run.

By threatening attorneys’ careers, this would hurt any effort to help candidates ensure election integrity and will likely have a chilling effect on attorney’s even signing on to help candidates outside of the establishment at all.

With the potential of a Trump 2024 run looming, the Left will use any dirty move available to stop it from happening.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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