A General who stabbed Trump in the back has egg on his face after a major court-room drama ended in disgrace for this Big Tech star

Big Tech CEOs are proving some of the biggest grifters in history.

Americans are catching on to Silicon Valley’s web of lies and willingness to do the elite’s bidding.

But a General who stabbed Trump in the back has egg on his face after a major court-room drama ended in disgrace for one Big Tech star.

Retired Marine Corps four-star general James Mattis served as the 26th US secretary of defense during the first two years of the Trump administration, before stabbing Trump in the back and leaving to join the board of Big Tech startup Theranos.

But Mattis fell for Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and now he has egg on his face after getting caught up in the fraud Holmes created at the bogus company.

The Theranos CEO just got convicted of fraud by a federal jury.

Theranos was supposed to revolutionize the medical testing industry because Holmes was alleging that she could run all sorts of expensive lab tests from a single drop of blood.

It turns out the technology was garbage, but the corporate-controlled press pumped up Holmes because, like Mattis, they so badly wanted the story to be true.

The Wall Street Journal reports “A federal jury convicted Elizabeth Holmes, the startup founder who claimed to revolutionize blood testing, on four of 11 charges that she conducted a yearslong fraud scheme against investors while running Theranos Inc., which ended up as one of Silicon Valley’s most notorious implosions. The verdict caps a steep fall for the former Silicon Valley star who once graced magazine covers with headlines such as ‘This CEO is Out for Blood’ and emulated Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs by wearing black turtlenecks.”

In hindsight, the red flags were everywhere with Holmes.

In addition to the Steve Jobs-style turtlenecks, she allegedly changed the timbre of her voice to mimic him, and she always found an excuse for not being able to exhibit her testing process.

It’s also fitting that Theranos is close to the Greek word Thanatos, which is the embodiment of Death.

The house of cards eventually collapsed, and Holmes was busted for being a fraud.

Her lies cost investors hundreds of millions of dollars, including “about $100 million from a family office of former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos; $38 million from PFM Health Sciences LP, a hedge fund that invested $96 million in Theranos and recovered $43 million in a 2016 civil lawsuit against the company; and about $6 million from Daniel Mosley, a former estate lawyer,” as The Journal detailed.

The Holmes saga left many with egg on their faces, including the once-respected former secretary of defense James Mattis.

And it shows that Big Tech titans should not be given the benefit of the doubt.

Many of them will do anything for power, including operate as enforcement arms of the state.

They should be given no special treatment at all.

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