A Florida doctor caused an uproar after what she said about millions of Americans

The COVID pandemic has caused a lot of irreparable damage to the world.

It’s also brought the ugly side of many people.

Now, this Florida doctor caused an uproar after what she said about unvaccinated Americans.

Segregation between the vaccinated and unvaccinated was bound to happen with the way the Biden administration was crafting their messaging.

Joe Biden wants everyone vaccinated, and if you’re not, then you’re a second-class citizen in his eyes.

He’s so desperate for Americans to get the jab that he is making life increasingly difficult for everyday Americans to live in.

Now the vaxxed v. unvaxxed debate is becoming even more heated as doctors are starting to throw that Hippocratic Oath out the window, all in the name of Biden loyalty.

A doctor in Florida has said she will no longer accept in-person patients who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Dr. Lisa Marraccini stated in a letter to her patients that unvaccinated individuals would no longer be accepted for in-person services so that her practice will “no longer subject our patients and staff to unnecessary risk.”

One must question Dr. Marraccini’s credentials, given that the vaccine continues to be hotly debated in the medical community, and many are stating it’s just not effective.

Not only that, but many people are incapable of getting the vaccine due to medical reasons.

Marraccini claims her decision is based on science, not politics, but that is hard to believe when so many in the medical field doubt the vaccine’s effectiveness.

She also states she’s not violating the Hippocratic Oath because she will still offer telemedicine to the unvaccinated.

So she’s, in essence, telling her patients that are not vaccinated, for whatever reason, that they’re not good enough in her eyes to be seen in person, so they either need to leave her practice or just be seen over a computer screen.

How has that worked out for school children being forced to “learn” over zoom meetings over the past year?

Marraccini’s policy also denies “natural antibodies” to take the place of the vaccine.

Doctors and scientists worldwide have argued that natural antibodies are the best way to fight COVID, but not for this doctor. She follows her own science, the science of the Democrat Party.

This is not about patient safety – it’s about virtue signaling.

Dr. Marraccini is one of many leftist doctors that want to make a statement, and in doing so, they are causing unnecessary segregation.

Of course, if they’re the ones causing the segregation, it’s okay.

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