A federal judge gave Jen Psaki and Tony Fauci some news they won’t like

Millions of people were made to suffer as a result of the COVID regime.

Thus far, nobody has been held accountable.

But one federal judge gave Jen Psaki and Tony Fauci some news they won’t like.

The truth is slowly trickling out about how the people in charge bungled the response to COVID.

Not only were the lockdowns more harmful than beneficial and the vaccines not as effective as advertised, the virus was used as an excuse for all sorts of bad behavior from the elites.

For example, free speech rights were curtailed under the guise of stopping medical “misinformation.”

Judge says Biden regime Covid mouthpieces must take the stand

However, the mass censorship under COVID is finally being scrutinized.

A federal court ordered on Friday that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other White House officials – presumably including former Biden administration Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who is named in the suit – must testify under oath, answering allegations that the Biden administration colluded with Facebook and Twitter to suppress free speech regarding coronavirus, Breitbart reported.

“Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sued the Biden administration in May 2022, arguing that the White House – and especially Fauci as Chief Medical Advisor to the President – were essentially making Facebook and Twitter arms of the Biden administration, suppressing content that criticized lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and related stories,” Breitbart added.

This undoubtedly happened, as evidenced by the saga of independent journalist Alex Berenson.

Emails showed that the White House encouraged Twitter to ban Berenson from the platform for countering the COVID regime’s narrative.

And there were many more that suffered the same fate as Berenson.

Big Tech acted as extension of the government 

Dr. Fauci got caught exchanging emails with recently retired NIH director Francis Collins, who called for a “devastating” media takedown of the epidemiologists who launched the Great Barrington Declaration, which argued for focused protection instead of blanket lockdowns.

Breitbart added that “the case argued that under Norwood v. Harrison and other Supreme Court precedents, government cannot use a private company to do something that the Constitution does not allow the government to do directly. Missouri and Louisiana argue that the Biden administration is suppressing free speech about coronavirus, and by attempting to do so by colluding with the tech giants, Big Tech became part of the government, and as such they must all abide by the First Amendment.”

Big Tech has become an extension of the establishment.

Jen Psaki left the White House, likely hoping a gig in the corporate-controlled press would help her hide from accountability.

Dr. Fauci is retiring in advance of the new Congress beginning session.

With Republicans poised to take back the House, the Biden regime’s Covid mouthpieces are doing their best not to be hauled into Congressional hearings and courtrooms, but it looks like they won’t have a choice in that matter.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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