A DoD veteran just exposed one fact about Biden ruining the military

Joe Biden is running a disastrous administration.

Everything he touches turns to mush.

Now, a DoD veteran just exposed one fact about Biden ruining the military.

The Biden administration looks more authoritarian with each passing day.

America’s culture of free speech is quickly being eroded by the Left.

In addition to that, “wokeness” is being funneled into society.

Not even the armed forces are safe.

And one soldier who criticized Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is being turned into a pariah.

Lt. Col. Stu Scheller appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss what’s happening to the military.

Carlson began by saying, “All authoritarians obsess over the parts of government that have the guns. And they want to control them completely, not just what they do, but what they think. So the Pentagon, with that in mind, is now barring service members from liking or sharing social media posts that in any way criticize the administration, including those by Lieutenant Colonel Stu Scheller. Now Scheller, you’ll remember, was fired for being the one man in command to criticize the disastrous exit from Afghanistan…So you personally have not only been fired from the Marine Corps, but banned. No one can like your tweets?”

Scheller responded, “Yes, the DoD has a standing order that no one can like, share, or engage with my content. That is correct…This whole extremism thing is a distraction. Lloyd Austin, I’d ask you, ‘How many wars have we lost based on extremism?’ The answer is zero. How many wars have we lost on poor leadership, poor strategy? The answer is a lot. Perhaps we should take a look at the poor leadership that we have right now.”

When Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin first took office, he issued a stand-down order to investigate extremism within the military.

It was a stunning move that showed how committed Biden and the Democrats are to ideological purity tests.

Another filtering mechanism was Biden’s jaw-dropping COVID vaccine mandate.

Soldiers were even denied medical exemptions on religious grounds.

Top military brass like Austin and General Mark Milley are playing establishment politics.

Milley effectively admitted that he orchestrated a coup when he informed his command to ignore specific orders from President Donald Trump.

Treasonous behavior is allowed by the Left so long as the target is Trump.

Hatred of Trump, which the Left is extending to all Republicans, has become a dangerous justification for all sorts of bad behavior.

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