A Democrat mega donor just announced plans for one astoundingly unholy alliance

Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 exposed so much corruption within the system.

Trusted institutions proved themselves to be ideologically captured.

But now a Democrat mega donor has revealed plans for one astoundingly unholy alliance.

One of the world’s most groundbreaking online resources is being usurped by powerful partisan interests.

Now it’s about to become even worse if a top Democrat donor gets his way.

Wikipedia is one of many resources and institutions that have been corrupted by the establishment Left.

People generally believed that Wikipedia was an objective source for cursory research on a person or topic.

But over the past few years, Wikipedia has proven to be just as much a purveyor of fake news as the corporate-controlled press.

Now Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to “fix” the online encyclopedia, which should give everyone pause.

Zuckerberg wants to use artificial intelligence to clean up the citation problem on Wikipedia, i.e. sometimes cited articles on a page do not support the claim made.

Zuckerberg’s rebranded parent company Meta wants to use AI to improve Wikipedia.

Digital Trends reported that “Meta AI (that’s the AI research and development research lab for the social media giant) has developed what it claims is the first machine learning model able to automatically scan hundreds of thousands of citations at once to check if they support the corresponding claims. While this would be far from the first bot Wikipedia uses, it could be among the most impressive — although it’s still currently in the research phase, and not in use on actual Wikipedia.”

As flawed as Wikipedia is, allowing Zuckerberg to use AI could be akin to treating an illness with a heavy dose of hemlock.

Fabio Petroni of Meta’s AI research team said, “I think we were driven by curiosity at the end of the day…We wanted to see what was the limit of this technology. We were absolutely not sure if [this AI] could do anything meaningful in this context. No one had ever tried to do something similar [before].”

Zuckerberg and Wikipedia teaming up for an AI project sounds about as inviting as the Legion of Doom.

In 2020, Zuckerberg spent $400 million helping Democrats get elected, and Wikipedia has become notorious for its left-wing bias, so this would entrench yet another establishment media institution.

Wikipedia recently got caught editing the page for recession, with editors altering the definition in order to dovetail with the talking points coming from the Biden administration.

The Biden White House changed the classic definition of recession, which was two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

Now a recession is whatever the establishment says it is, and Wikipedia is one of many corrupted institutions helping them.

With Wikipedia and Zuckerberg’s AI potentially helping set the bar for misinformation allegations that will in turn be used to cancel dissenting opinions, conservatives must prepare for purgings to grow worse.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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