A CNN host issued this bone-chilling threat to ruin Tucker Carlson

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Tucker Carlson is getting ready to make his big entrance in the 2024 Election cycle.

That’s why the Left is gearing up to shut him down.  

And a CNN host issued this bone-chilling threat to ruin Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson headed on an arena tour for the election 

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has focused on interviews for his social media-based show since leaving the world of cable news.

He launched the Tucker Carlson Network to build his own independent media company last year.

Now he’s taking his show on the road during the peak of campaign season for the Presidential election.

Carlson is headed to 15 cities around the country during September to hold live events at large basketball arenas.

“Hey, it’s Tucker Carlson. The one thing we know for certain is the United States is going to be one intense place this fall moving into this presidential election. So we thought, what better time to hit the road and see the country, and we are going to this fall,” Carlson said in a video posted on X.

Carlson will be talking about important issues with a different high-profile guest at each tour stop.

“We are pleased—in fact, thrilled—to announce Tucker Carlson Live which is what it sounds like: a nationwide tour and at every show will be joined by a friend, a special guest. Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck, Tulsi Gabbard, Vivek Ramaswamy, Russell Brand, and many others,” Carlson added.

This is one of the biggest moves that Carlson has made since he branched out on his own.

His tour is already being targeted by the Left.

CNN tries to have Tucker Carlson’s tour canceled 

Carlson stared down cancel culture when he was on Fox News.

Left-wing activists ran a pressure campaign against advertisers on his top-rated cable news show to pressure them to drop their sponsorship.

Now the same tactics are being employed against the arenas holding his tour and the ticketing company.

CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy reached out to Ticketmaster – a subsidiary of Live Nation – to pressure them about handling Carlson’s ticket sales.

He claimed that “Ticketmaster is profiting off his hateful rhetoric.”

“Asked for comment this week, representatives for the Live Nation subsidiary chose not to respond. In fairness to the company’s public relations division, it is difficult to see how they can defend such conduct. How can any decent person not only participate in enabling Carlson’s poisoning of the public discourse but also justify profiting off of his hateful rhetoric in the process?” Darcy wrote.

Darcy also targeted the arenas that were hosting the events.

“CNN also posed questions to the venues hosting Carlson, which include the Honda Center, T-Mobile Center, Delta Center, Dickies Arena, Intrust Bank Arena, and others. Spokespeople representing each respective venue did not provide a comment,” Darcy added.

This chummed the water for other left-wing activists to come out of the woodwork.

Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee is hosting Carlson’s event with Infowars founder Alex Jones.

The arena’s social media accounts scrubbed any mention of Jones after the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reached out.

Tucker Carlson’s tour is going to face a coordinated campaign by the Left to keep it from ever happening.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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