A Christian pastor got booted off YouTube and the reason why is outrageous to say the least

Big Tech is waging an all-out war on free speech in America.

They’re determined to silence anyone who opposes the Democrats’ socialist vision for America.

And a Christian pastor got booted off YouTube and the reason why is outrageous to say the least.

In the past, Big Tech devoted most of its attention to censoring and silencing politicians and political pundits who spoke out against the Democrats’ far-left agenda.

But unfortunately, Big Tech censorship is getting worse by the day.

And now they’re going after anyone and everyone who opposes their radical vision for America – including Christian pastors.

In early August, the Rev. Carl Trueman, a scholar, best-selling author and Presbyterian minister, delivered a series of talks at the Sacramento Gospel Conference.

Immanuel Baptist Church, which hosted the event, livestreamed the conference on their YouTube channel so folks who couldn’t attend in person could watch the talks online.

However, YouTube took the livestream down during the middle of Rev. Trueman’s presentation, citing an alleged “content violation” as the reason.

And according to an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal by Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone and Jim Daly, YouTube had no legitimate reason for censoring Rev. Trueman’s presentation.

“Equally unclear is the specific nature of the alleged content violation,” they wrote in the Wall Street Journal. “Nothing in Mr. Trueman’s talks encouraged hatred, vulgarity or violence. On the contrary, he offered a thoughtful analysis of American cultural attitudes toward sex through the lens of classic Christian thought, citing sources from Freud to the philosophers Rousseau and Charles Taylor.”

The authors went on to add that YouTube’s censorship of Rev. Trueman should make every American “understandably worried that religious speech is being censored online.”

“We sense that the First Amendment guarantee of religious liberty is being dismantled, and with it the profound contributions that religion makes to American unity and self-government,” they continued.

“The American experiment was founded on, and has always thrived on, the freedom of religious believers to speak, teach, preach, practice, serve and work in peace — not only in private, but in the public square — for the truth about God and humanity that ennobles their lives and all lives. The more we diminish that freedom, the more crippled we become as a people. The more we feed it, the deeper and more robust the roots of our nation and its freedoms grow,” they added.

Cordileone and Daly concluded by warning the American people that there are “two paths before us,” and “we get to choose” which path to follow.

The path toward individual liberty and freedom.

Or the path toward Big Tech authoritarianism.

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