A Catholic Cardinal just blew the lid off an LGBT conspiracy in the Church

Under the leadership of Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is shifting radically to the Left.

But there are many in the Church who are speaking out.

And a Catholic Cardinal just blew the lid off an LGBT conspiracy in the Church.

With Pope Francis leading the Catholic Church, there is rarely good news for conservative Catholics coming from the Vatican.

But in a rare exception, the Vatican placed a firm ban on Catholic Priests blessing homosexual unions, adding that any such blessings are not valid. 

The order came in response to parishes in some countries, including the United States and Germany, blessing same-sex unions in lieu of marriage.

But despite the order, there are priests and bishops who are refusing to comply, some by suggesting that Pope Francis did not approve it.

In response, conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke is speaking out, revealing that there is an “aggressive, homosexual agenda” within the Church. 

“The blowback is simply an expression of a worldliness, a mundanity, which has entered into the Church by which the aggressive homosexual agenda is now dominating even in certain ecclesial circles and even among certain bishops,” the Cardinal told EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo last week.

The decree came from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who stated that the Catholic Church does not have the “power to give the blessing to unions of persons of the same sex.”

Pope Francis “was informed and gave his assent to the publication” of the decree, according to the CDF document.

God “does not and cannot bless sin,” the decree stated.

Despite the Pope signing off on the decree, left-wing figures in the Church claim that he had distanced himself from it, citing his March 21st Angelus Address, where he said that Christians must sow “seeds of love, not with fleeting words but through concrete, simple and courageous examples, not with theoretical condemnations, but with gestures of love.”

Cardinal Burke contends that it is not unreasonable to interpret his remarks that way, but adds that it remains unclear what the Pope meant. 

“I think it should be made clear that, you know, the Holy See, seeing that the official Jesuit journal in the United States of America makes these claims, the Holy See should make clear that the Pope, indeed, approved this declaration and that he stands by it,” he said.

It is clear that the Catholic Church has a lot of enemies, some of which may be within, as Cardinal Burke implies.


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