A Boston businessman is calling out cancel culture for aiming to destroy the greatest country in history

Leftists are hell-bent on destroying the land of opportunity. 

And the people who will suffer the most are those Democrats pretending to be out to protect.  

Now, a Boston businessman is calling out cancel culture for aiming to destroy the greatest country in history.

With parents who were Caribbean immigrants, Rasheed Walters knows exactly what America has to offer—and what’s at stake as cancel culture sweeps over the nation.

“Having pride in one’s country and its history is fundamental to patriotism, yet this is precisely what cancel culture is trying to destroy,” he wrote in a Boston Herald opinion piece. 

Now the child entrepreneur turned successful businessman is joining other black men sounding the alarm as a wave of politically correct “woke” activism threatens to erase history and destroy the future of America. 

“Throughout history, no other country has come close to matching America’s level of greatness,” Walters wrote. “We in Boston have particular pride of place with the nation’s cradle of liberty right in our backyard.”

Even as leftists do their level best to wipe out all references to Boston’s rich history, Walters points out that it is doing the black people they’re supposedly going to bat for a disservice. 

“Five gallant men laid down their lives in Boston on March 5, 1770, 252 years ago—the first martyrs in the fight for American independence,” he went on to explain. “One of them was Crispus Attucks, a Black man who was the first person to be killed in the fight for American independence. The Boston Tea Party, which took place on Dec. 16, 1773, was the first public act of resistance against the oppressive rules of the British Empire.”

“Although the first shots of the American Revolution were fired in Lexington and Concord, Boston got into the game on June 17, 1775, with the Battle of Bunker Hill. It resulted in significant casualties for the British forces, and marked the beginning of the British army’s expulsion from Boston,” Walters added. “Black and white men both fought in and died in these struggles for independence. Inspiring and energizing the rest of the colonies to join the fight. Boston set the stage for victory, and we reap this great bequest.”

Walters made an important point. 

While all kinds of disputes and dirty deeds have been committed in the name of racism, people of all races have faced a common enemy for centuries in the form of an oppressive ruling political class eager to control their every move. 

And the oldest rule in the leftists’ book is to wipe out culture and history so they can convince an ignorant population that slavery to a political class is freedom. 

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