A Biden four-star admiral just put Tucker Carlson in the middle of a showdown after this massive deception

Tucker Carlson got the most popular show in news by exposing the Left.

They’ve done everything they can to take him out to no avail.

But one Biden four-star admiral just put Tucker Carlson in the middle of a showdown after this massive deception.

The Left celebrated when Joe Biden named Rachel Levine a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

It was one the Left’s biggest victories to date in their crusade to force Americans and American institutions to accept their gender delusions.

But Tucker Carlson keeps exposing their huge deceptions to the American people.

So the woke mob is ready for combat till death with him and anyone else who calls them out.

They’re using every opportunity to push their transgender narrative with the help of Big Tech and the corporate-controlled media.

Leftists are so caught up in this insanity that they can’t even define what a woman is.

USA Today pushed the woke mob’s propaganda campaign when they named Rachel Levine their “woman of the year.”

Levine is biologically a man despite what the Left wants to believe.

He serves as Biden’s assistant secretary for Health and Human Services which puts him in a doubly-protected class.

Levine is constantly praised for being the highest ranking “trans” person to serve in government.

Conservatives offended at this assault on reality pointed to a simple biological truth.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk responded on Twitter to Levine’s “victory” by pointing out that he spent 54 years of his life as a man and had two kids.

Twitter dropped the hammer on Kirk, locking him out of his account until he deleted the Tweet.

Christian satire site The Babylon Bee mocked the award by posting a link to an article on Twitter called “The Babylon Bee’s Man Of The Year Is Rachel Levine.”  

Twitter once again locked The Bee’s account until they deleted the Tweet.

Tucker Carlson isn’t one to back down to the Left.

He took to Twitter and posted a screenshot of Kirk and the Babylon Bee’s Twitter suspension.

He commented, “Both of these are true.”

For that Twitter locked Tucker out of his account and deleted the tweet.

Simply speaking the truth on Twitter is now considered “offensive.”

Big Tech has gone all in on being enforcers for the woke mob’s transgender crusade.

This exposes how rigged their censorship is for the left.

Stating biological facts is censored while Big Tech looks the other way on leftist lies like calling Hunter Biden’s laptop “misinformation.”

Carlson destroyed censorship and the transgender movement on his show.

“Our national conversation about transgenderism is completely defined by censorship, by making you shut up, not allowing you to notice the obvious is why they’re doing it,” Carlson stated.

“Their first move always is censorship and their second move, inevitably, is punishment. We learn that again last night when we were suspended from Twitter,” Carlson added.

“What was our crime, by the way? Well, we dared to highlight two accounts that Twitter has banned: Charlie Kirk and The Babylon Bee. There was nothing hateful about either one,” he continued.

“It was a factual statement, but on Twitter, as in our public life, truth is no defense,” he concluded.

With Big Tech’s latest round of censorship, transgenderism is joining the pandemic and the election as unquestionable topics.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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