A Biden administration official let a mind-searing secret about Biden’s “cognitive” program slip out

It’s been one dirty game after another since Democrats and their pals in the Deep State and Big Tech drug Joe Biden from his basement in 2020 and into the White House.

But their biggest coup is just coming to light.

Because a Biden administration official let a mind-searing secret about Biden’s “cognitive” program slip out.

The truth about the Deep State and government censorship in America will send chills down your spine. 

And you’ll be livid when you learn about the Biden administration employee who claims her job is to mess with your head. 

Joe Biden literally hired someone who says her job is to mess with your head

Lately the White House has been trying to pretend there’s no way they’ve been using a recently uncovered Facebook censorship portal, revealed in documents obtained by The Intercept. 

Joe Biden’s administration faced so much backlash after they unveiled their “Disinformation Governance Board” plan that the project was quickly mothballed. 

Americans were appalled by the similarities between Biden’s vision for a federal censorship office and the “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984

But it turns out that Biden’s version of the Ministry of Truth is still alive and well inside the current administration. 

While the White House is trying to deny that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is flagging social media posts—even though Jen Psaki basically bragged about it last summer—one Biden administration official is contradicting that claim in a big way. 

The censorship operation across all government departments is doubtless vast, but the Biden administration’s top cyber cop has admitted to having a goal that is downright terrifying. 

Top administration cyber cop claims job is to “protect” Americans’ “cognitive infrastructure”

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employee Jean Easterly says it’s her job to “protect” Americans’ “cognitive infrastructure.”

As the New York Post editorial board put it, “find that in the constitution.”

Unfortunately, Easterly – who became only the second Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency under the Act of the same name signed into law during the Trump administration – is not merely a self-appointed busybody with a knack for coming up with terrifying ways to describe her diabolical career goals. 

“Cognitive Infrastructure” is a buzzword you probably don’t even want to Google. 

Back in 2019 Arizona State University professor Brad Allenby published an article entitled “5G, AI, and big data: We’re building new cognitive infrastructure and don’t even know it.”

As a professor of engineering and ethics he claimed “it may be premature to consider tantalizing questions such as how humans should respond as the technology to physically interface our minds with elements of cognitive infrastructure such as devices or networks is developed—a very real, but very challenging, question. But it is not premature to recognize that this new infrastructure is already emerging, and to try and understand some of the implications.”

In the three years since that article was published it seems that government, corporate-controlled media, and massive big tech companies have focused almost all their efforts on messing with our heads and manipulating everything from our personal health decisions to the outcome of elections. 

While the pandemic brought new opportunities for Deep State actors to make some aggressive moves, the infrastructure was put in place decades before. 

The Deep State used 9/11 as an excuse to finally create the Department of Homeland Security. 

Even then, far sighted conservatives could see that new powerful federal agency for what it was – a tool to circumvent the First Amendment and go after conservatives who value liberty over an ever more “efficient” and powerful centralized government. 

Islamic terrorism gave them an excuse to implement all kinds of government overreach initiatives. 

Now, no matter which party is in office the United States’ bureaucracy has grown into a monster with a life and will of its own. 

All the Deep State needs is an ongoing crisis to keep the populace in fear and the government in charge. 

When Donald Trump entered office he seriously compromised the Deep State’s ability to function by making it clear the endless Global War on Terror is at an end. 

No deed goes unpunished

The Deep State then pivoted to focus on conservatives again. 

Unfortunately, he was duped into going along with it, signing the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act which was sold under the guise of protecting the homeland from cyberterrorsim threats.

Nevertheless, when the corporate-controlled media teamed up with Big Tech to suppress the Hunter Biden “Laptop From Hell” story they managed to ensure Donald Trump was forced out of power. 

Now, a ruling regime of leftists have declared that half of the country is made up of “White Supremacists” and “MAGA Terrorists.”

In the process they’ve made a bold and arrogant move to control the minds of an entire nation—and no doubt that’s only one more step in a plan to utterly destroy the land of the free. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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